How To Manage Mood Swings During Pregnancy

Pregnancy involves a host of rapid changes within the body which in turn may affect your mental wellbeing to an extent. Pregnancy is a time of mixed feelings when you feel joy but also certain physical discomforts and mental distress. All these are very natural and if you understand how to combat such distress then pregnancy will be an altogether enjoyable experience for you.
During pregnancy you have to become extra cautious and take care of yourself and the baby developing within you to prevent any kind of pregnancy complications. A healthy lifestyle, proper pregnancy diet and relevant precautions can definitely ensure a hassle free pregnancy which you can enjoy.

Why Pregnancy Mood Swings Happen?

Hormonal Changes

Among the various changes taking place within the body during pregnancy the most important are hormonal changes which get manifested in the form of mood swings and certain other pregnancy discomforts. Mood swings may mean that the expectant mother is going through occasional ups and downs in her mood or she may remain depressed and anxious. These happen because the hormonal changes in turn create an impact upon the neurotransmitters which are responsible for regulating our moods.

Pregnancy Related Stress

Along with hormonal changes there may be accompanying anxieties regarding the pregnancy, the future and regarding adjustment to the new responsibilities and role. Lack of support from family or the partner may add to this condition thereby making it quite challenging for the expectant mother to adjust to her problem.

Physical Stress and Fatigue

As pregnancy progresses physically the expectant mother tends to become more fatigued, tired and stressed. There is always a deep connection between physical and mental condition and therefore when during pregnancy you feel tired, fatigued and stressed it’s very natural also to experience mood swings.

Self Image

Your body size and shape changes as the pregnancy progresses and so do your lifestyle. You can’t be as active as before nor can you indulge in the frequent fun activities which may be harmful for your baby. You may begin to feel that you look ugly and may be your partner won’t love you like before. All these and various other disturbing thoughts can make a pregnancy filled with mood swings.

Accepting and Adjusting to Pregnancy

Whether a pregnancy is wanted or unwanted you require some time to accept it and get adjusted to the changes. The first trimester is when you go through most of the uncomfortable early pregnancy signs like nausea, morning sickness and so on. Therefore, mood swings during this phase is natural.

How To Manage Mood Swings During Pregnancy

During the second trimester you are well settled with your pregnancy and the first trimester signs have receded. However, during the last trimester when the delivery approaches and your body get fuller and heavier the mood swings may again become frequent during this phase.

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Managing Mood Swings During Pregnancy

You have to understand that pregnancy is a normal and natural phase of a woman’s life which should be enjoyed to the fullest. All pregnant women go through the pregnancy conditions and therefore you are not the only one.

You can’t control the hormonal changes but you can take certain effective steps to combat mood swings during pregnancy to enjoy it to the fullest. These following tips will assist you in combating mood swings during pregnancy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Follow a healthy lifestyle which means remaining active mentally and physically as much as possible. Take proper pregnancy diet and maintain the right pregnancy weight. Avoid pregnancy complications as much as possible which are within your control. Take enough rest and sleep. Take enough water, fluids, green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein.

Seek Partner’s Help

When you are unable to take stress seek your partner’s help or the help of a caring family member or friend. Explain to your partner how you feel through proper communication as he may not always understand how you are feeling mentally and physically. If he loves you he will be happy to care for you and pamper you.

Remain Engaged In Good Books And Music

Relax yourself by reading good books on pregnancy, watch comedy movies and listen to soothing music. Spend quality time with loved ones and share your anxieties with your partner and also caring female experienced members in your family. You will find enough relief through their assurances.

Take Pregnancy Massages

If you have no pregnancy complication and if your doctor recommends then you can consider taking pregnancy massages from an expert. Pregnancy massages will relax your body and mind, relieve your body cramps by improving blood circulation and give you an overall sense of wellbeing.