How To Manage Pain After Cervical Cancer Shots

Manage Cervical Cancer Shots

Manage Cervical Cancer Shots Cervical cancer is now being effectively combated with the help of a new vaccine, which gives young girls protection against the dreaded HPV virus, which causes cervical cancer.

Most doctors are recommending this vaccine for young girls as a precautionary measure. While the long-term benefits of this vaccine remain undisputed, the injection in itself is notoriously painful and uncomfortable. Here are some ways to manage the pain if you or your daughter receives the vaccine.

Ways To Manage Pain After Cervical Cancer Shots

Bear It

Like any injection, the pain from this one will eventually pass. There will be mild discomfort for the first two days so your best bet is to just tolerate the pain as best as you can.

Apply Cold Packs

Manage Pain After Cervical Cancer Shots

Young girl children may get cranky and irritable with the pain so try to relieve the pain for your child by applying an ice pack to the site of the injection. This will help to reduce any superficial swelling.

Take Pain Medication Before The Shot

Speak to your doctor about the kind of pain medication that you can take. Take a pain relief medication 30 minutes before the shot. Take one after the injection if you feel like it. This will help to ease the pain to some extent. OTC (over the counter) pain medication like brufen and aspirin help to some extent.


Distract your daughter by playing with her or taking her out for a movie or to the nearby mall. This will keep her happily entertained and will keep her mind off the pain. Young girls are more aware of the pain so it makes sense to keep them distracted. Do not force your child to have the shot if it can wait for a few years. Older girls are better equipped to receive the shot as compared to minors.

Prepare For Future Shots

Cervical cancer vaccines come in three doses, which are to be taken over a period of a few months so it makes sense to prepare yourself for the pain. Read up about the vaccine and see which preventive measures you can take to reduce the pain.

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Talk To The Doctor

Manage Pain After Cervical Cancer Shots

A doctor’s words of wisdom are very assuring so make sure you discuss all your apprehensions about the vaccine with him or her. He or she will also suggest if this vaccine is right for you or not. The vaccine has assumed a controversial stance in some countries as it does not purport to completely eradicate cervical cancer and only gives protection against some of the HPV strains.


Most vaccines of cervical cancer like cervarix and gardasil are known to cause muscle and joint pain. A light massage from the fingertips can help to relieve the pain to some extent. A mild fever, which tends to occur after taking this vaccine, can be dealt with by some OTC fever medications.

Other Side Effects

The vaccine may also cause other side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and urticaria. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is best to contact your doctor who can effectively deal with these symptoms.