How To Minimize Morning Sickness

How To Minimize Morning Sickness

How To Minimize Morning Sickness There are many changes imposed on the mom-to-be, and at the top of the list is morning sicknes! It is definitely not a favorite part of the pregnancy, but most pregnant women would have to go through this phase. Some fortunate pregnant women tend to skip this phase.

Hence, for those who are not so fortunate, it is best to make you as comfortable and knowledgeable about the issue as possible, to overcome the phase. It will pass quickly enough for you to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Below are some pointers to help the pregnant mom minimize the morning sickness, so that she can enjoy her pregnancy.

Tips to Minimize Morning Sickness

Remember It Is Part of Pregnancy

Not every mom-to-be is blest with absence of morning sickness. You have to remember that morning sickness is part of pregnancy for most women. So take heart, 50%-90% of all pregnant women experience it, albeit in varying degrees.

It Will Stop

Morning sickness condition is very common from the 4th week until the 7th week of pregnancy, while in some cases it may continue until the 14th or 16th week. Although the precise cause is unknown, experts think it is the raised level of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone during the pregnancy or the increased level of estrogen hormone. It is nature’s way of preparing the body to accept the implanted egg, which will soon form a beautiful human being, quite like you.

Other Reasons Causing Morning Sickness

Tips to Minimize Morning Sickness

It is a conjecture that a reduced blood sugar level during pregnancy or a progesterone increase relaxes the stomach and intestines, which lead to an increase in stomach acids that cause the nausea. A higher sensitivity to odors also triggers the nausea.

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Hence, many pregnant women tend to stay off certain foods or exercise more care and caution over their food intakes. Some pregnant women help ease off the nausea occurrence by staying away from certain smells, if they can confirm the source of triggers, although it may be a bit difficult to identify all sources.

Overcome With Tested Remedies

There are many proven treatments for morning sickness during pregnancy. These include having a small bite rather than waking up on an empty stomach, drinking lot of fruit juice, skimmed milk or buttermilk. Eat more small- portioned meals at shorter intervals, with foods rich in carbohydrate and avoid fried or greasy food. Do not overindulge in work, rest as much as you can. Take ginger tea or vitamin B6 and zinc and smell some lemons. Do some light exercise and do not lie flat immediately after meals.

You will have to try each remedy on a trial-and-error basis to confirm what works for you. Research has shown that simple exercises, like walking, done regularly can reduce nausea. Light walking is recommended to keep the muscles in good condition for the later part of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a condition to enjoy, so you should make it a wonderful experience as you await the bundle of joy within. It is an exciting time to feel a new life developing within you. So relax yourself and take time to smell the roses.