Avoid Pregnancy
Pregnancy leads to motherhood, which is considered to be the most important phase of a woman’s life. However, there might be many women out there who are not ready to experience the same as yet. So, what does one do to enjoy those intense pleasurable moments with their partner and yet not get pregnant?

This post deals with certain tips which would help you enjoy a good sex life and yet not get pregnant. However, you should make sure that you follow the tips carefully and are not casual about it.

Tips On How Not To Get Pregnant

Withdrawal Method

Withdrawal method has often been considered a good method to avoid unwanted pregnancy, but it is not cent percent effective. There are often times that the penis leaks a few drops of semen (containing sperms) into the vagina even before your partner realizes that he is going to ejaculate. This may introduce pregnancy in you. However, if you pair the technique with oral pills or some other form of contraceptive, then it can surely protect you from getting pregnant. Hence, the moral of the story is that you should not depend entirely upon the withdrawal method.

Rhythm Method

Rhythm method is another good method if you are trying hard not to get pregnant. In this method the lady would have to take note of her menstrual cycle. Depending upon her observation, she would actually be able to tell when she’s in the “Safe Period”. However, experts are of the opinion that there is no particular “Safe Period” and thus this technique is not full proof either. This would guarantee complete safety only when it is coupled with contraceptives.

Use Of Contraceptives

Not to get pregnant

The use of contraceptives is considered as one of the most trusted methods of not getting pregnant. Male and female condoms, oral contraceptives (pills) and IUD’s, all are part of contraceptives that help avoid pregnancy.


Sterilization is a permanent solution and is often opted by women who have had a child and do not wish to conceive ever again and at the same time wish to keep their sexual life active. It is a surgical method which renders the women incapable of getting pregnant.

Other Vital Tips

Most women are not properly informed about oral contraceptive pills and thus the fear of getting pregnant looms large over them. In order to maintain the effectiveness of the oral contraceptive, women should take it at the same time, everyday. Do not encourage your partner to rub his penis around your vagina once he has ejaculated, as even a little carelessness can cause you pregnancy.

Make sure that once your partner has ejaculated, he immediately withdraws his penis. There are many cases where people have reported of the condom coming off, once the penis has turned flaccid. Lastly, one should know that a thorough bath is not good enough in doing away the sperms that have already entered your body.

Even a tiny drop of semen is good enough to make you pregnant and hence, try to follow the tips properly if you seriously wish to avoid pregnancy.