How To Prepare For Breast Reduction Surgery

Opting for elective surgery like breast reduction surgery can be emotionally draining for any woman. You need some mental preparation prior to this surgery. Once you have decided to go for breast reduction surgery, the surgeon will explain the pros and cons of this surgery. It might raise fears and apprehensions, but you should have full confidence on your surgeon.

A confident mind with a positive outlook can overcome any negative thought. Devote enough time to gather your senses and prepare yourself for the surgery. Never let your emotions ride on you and try to divert your tensions and worries else you will feel stressed out. An over stressed mind can slow down healing after the surgery.

Make Necessary Arrangements At Your Home Before The Breast Reduction Surgery:

Arrange your home properly so that you can find each and every necessary item within your reach when you are back after the surgery. Buy all the necessary items that you may need to carry to the hospital. List down the “to do points” and follow them accordingly. Buy surgical bras, loose fitting gowns and dresses.

Keep a stock of commonly used antibiotics, antiseptic lotions and ointments, painkillers, bandages, dressing items, scar reducing creams, arnica gel and Bromelain. Keep sufficient amount of ice packs ready at hand. Check your stock of necessary food items before you leave for surgery. Make sure that you do not run short of essential food items during the resting period. Add extra nutritious food items to your shopping cart as you will need extra nutrition after the surgery.

Quit Smoking And Drinking:

You should quit smoking a couple of weeks before the surgery and abstain from it till you are fully cured. Smoking hinders healing of wounds as the tissues are deprived of the required oxygen supply. You should also stop drinking one week before the surgery.

Taking Medications:

If you are on medication due to some ailments, inform your surgeon and follow his guidance. Never take any over- the- counter analgesics or anti inflammatory medicines without his recommendation.

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Arrange A Helping Hand For You:

It is impossible for you to go through the ordeal of breast reduction surgery all alone. Ask your partner or a family member to help you for a few days else you can call a friend in case they are not available. You will need somebody to drive you back home after surgery. Your partner or friend should stay with you for few days as you will be in full bed rest at that time.

Get Some Books And DVD’s:

Keep a good stock of magazines and books before you leave for surgery. Visit a music store and pick up some choicest videos or music CDs. Keep your iPod and TV remote within your reach. This will relax your mind before and after the surgery.

Keep All Your Necessary Items Near Your Bed:

Rearrange your bed with comfortable pillows and blankets. Items like books, magazines, music player, cell phone, snack boxes, water bottle and glass should be placed on a small table near your bed. This will restrict your physical movement during the healing period.

Pack Essential Items Before Leaving:

Pack your bag carefully before you head towards the hospital. Check whether you have included all essential items like clothes, medicines, music player, tooth brush, comb, shower caps, spectacles, body lotion, magazine, soft tissue, napkin and hand wash. Avoid wearing contact lenses while leaving for the hospital.

Follow a healthy and disciplined life style before the scheduled date of surgery. Improve your diet with extra nutrients to boost your immunity. Practice meditation daily for 10-15 minutes. This will calm down your nerves and erase unnecessary tensions from your mind. Inform your friends and acquaintances about your impending surgery so that they can help you in case of any urgency.