How To Prevent A Miscarriage


Pregnancy is a pleasure giving but highly crucial stage in a woman’s life. If there is a certain problem with pregnancy, a woman may experience miscarriage which is a loss of pregnancy.

Miscarriage is very distressful condition for a mother and her whole family. It is a common problem which mostly occurs in beginning 2-3 months. Approximately 15-20 percent of women experience this problem. Miscarriage can be prevented by providing proper care.

Symptoms Of Miscarriage:

The most common symptoms of miscarriage are bleeding from vagina, pain in lower abdomen, feeling of weakness or severe stress. Sometimes, no symptoms could be noticed. Approximately 40 percent of times, there is no reason or explanation for this cause. In such cases, a woman does not really experience any severe problem till the last minute.

In medical terms, it is called as silent miscarriage. The one who have had a miscarriage before has to be very careful. In such cases, regular check up and prescribed diet can assist you in having healthy pregnancy. Let us know some effective ways to reduce the chances of miscarriage.

How To Prevent A Miscarriage?

Limit your physical activities during pregnancy. Take a regular walk for half an hour in fresh air, but avoid the practices like riding a bike or lifting heavy objects. Meditation for 15-20 minutes every day can help a pregnant woman feel relaxed and mentally sound. Take a proper sleep for 8-10 hours a day. In this period, tension can become the biggest harm. If you feel stressed or depressed in this stage, concern your doctor. Try to stay calm and happy.

If you experience anything awkward, do not hesitate to tell your family members. Sharing every issue with your husband and other family members helps them to get clear understanding of the problem, and manage their behavior accordingly. A relaxing gentle body massage to minimize the body pain occurring in this period.

In pregnancy, care is required, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend whole day at home. You can do your regular works, attend the social gatherings, meet your friends; just avoid excess exertion. Drink sufficient water during this period to keep yourself hydrated. Eat fresh healthy fruits, green vegetables, nuts, whole grains.

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You can include tasty soups and fresh juices in your diet .Avoid the acidic, spicy and oily substances. Avoid eating at unhygienic places and prefer home-made food. Sometimes some foods prove healthy for one, but harmful for another. Therefore, plan your diet according to the doctor’s advice.

Take your medicines regularly. In pregnancy, you need plenty of vitamins, minerals and iron. You can get these from various foods, but it is not enough. You have to take the food supplementary tablets or powders to receive the necessary nutrients. Consume prenatal vitamin daily, suggested by the doctor.

Completely avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy. Limit the intake of coffee and tea. Always think positive and dream sweet. If you are mentally well prepared for pregnancy and your close ones are with you, you can enjoy this important phase of life, thus minimizing the chances of danger. If you have a past experience of miscarriage; don’t worry. Provide proper attention towards your health and you will be blessed with a cute, & healthy baby.