3 Ways To Prevent Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring

Scarring of all kinds can be extremely traumatic for women, whether it is acne scaring or scarring due to some other reason. Though we cannot always prevent acne breakouts if it is a medical condition like hormone imbalance, much can be done to keep the scarring under control or prevent it entirely.

All women need to be aware of certain simple measures that can be done to prevent acne from scarring their beauty permanently. Here are some great tips.

Ways To Prevent Acne Scarring

Control Your Acne Outbreaks

This is easier said than done in most cases. However, consulting an experienced dermatologist will help in most cases. Using simple solutions like keeping your face clean by washing with a good face wash which can be medicated or over the counter containing salicylic acid helps.


Steaming is another great way to keep the pores clean and free from dirt and grime. Steaming helps in removing the dirt that is trapped inside your pores. You must also use good face masks that can keep the oiliness under control so that acne formations can be reduced.

Another important factor that comes into the picture here is the use of daily exercise and diet control. Exercise improves blood circulation and reduces body fat as well. Avoiding fatty foods too will help in balancing the excretion of natural body oils.

Skin Care Routines

Once the acne forms on your skin, you have to be doubly careful so as to avoid possible scarring. The best way to attain this is to treat the acne as soon as possible. Start using a medicated cream like benzoyl peroxide and steam every day until the acne bursts and the infected pus and bacteria is completely eliminated.

Aloe Vera

At no point should you try to pick on the acne which will lead to scarring. It is also important at this point to treat the acne scar immediately if the acne is particularly severe and nodular in nature.

Visit a dermatologist for guidance on over the counter or prescription scar reduction creams or start using natural treatment methods like the use of aloe vera, lemon juice, onion extracts etc. every day for best results. Acne scars can be completely removed when the treatment is started early enough.

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The importance of massaging is very great when it comes to skin care and healing. Scars tend to be considerably reduced with massage as the blood circulation to the region is increased and new skin formation is encouraged. The redness on the skin will be removed and with frequent massaging, the scars will be flattened and lightened and hence look much more in tune with the nearby skin tone.


Massaging can be done using a good massage cream or with vitamin E. You may also use olive oil or aloe vera for the purpose. Make it a point to massage at least for 15 minutes every day, applying even and firm pressure on the scar, especially if it is an indented scar that might take some time to become flat and light.