How To Prevent Acne Using Natural Progesterone Cream

Prevent Acne With Natural Progesterone Cream

Acne is a common problem faced by men as well as women. However, the problem is more prevalent among women and women tend to lose more due to the scars and dents that acne can cause on the skin.Acne normally appears on skin that is oily. Hormone fluctuations, diet and many other environmental and lifestyle factors too contribute to the problem. There are many creams and medications in the market for treating acne and acne scars. But none of them guarantee desired results.

Many natural remedies too can be used for treating acne which are are as effective as the medications and ointments, available in the market.Here we have focussed on the use of progesterone creams for treating acne. Progesterone creams are prepared from naturally occurring progesterone that is extracted from Yam. Hormone related acne can be greatly controlled using this cream.

How To Apply Progesterone Cream For Acne

Before the application of progesterone cream, one must be sure about the ovulation cycle. This can be found out by observing the ovulation cycle for a couple of months. The days of ovulation can be roughly set from the 13-15th day after menstruation. It can also be calculated by checking the clarity of the cervical mucus.

Once the ovulation cycle is identified, you can start using progesterone creams to prevent acne formation. Start counting the days after your menstruation ends. On the 13th or 14th day after menstruation, apply progesterone cream on the acne prone areas of your skin. Mostly it’s the face, chest, inner part of arms and neck where the progesterone creams can be absorbed more easily due to the proximity of the capillaries, close to the skin.

The cream should be applied every day during ovulation and massaged right into the skin for proper absorption. The dosage must be 20 milligrams a day which is based on the progesterone concentration of the cream that you use. If the progesterone concentration of 3%, 1/4th teaspoon can be used for the purpose.

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The application has to be continued all throughout the days of ovulation which is roughly 14 days or until your next menstrual cycle begins. The procedure must be continued for 2-3 cycles before results start showing up. Progesterone takes time as is the case with all acne remedies that are natural. Wait patiently for the results to show on your face.

Ensure that the progesterone cream that you are using is a naturally occurring extract from wild yam. Progestin, a synthetic form of progesterone which is available in the market may not be a natural treatment method and might not give you the desired results. It could also be dangerous for your well being.

Always ensure that you consult a herbalist before the treatment method. Progesterone creams are actually known to be very dangerous if not used carefully and under the guidance of a registered practitioner. Make sure that you talk to the herbalist about possible illnesses that you could have and if progesterone can tamper with your body’s natural responses.