3 Ways To Prevent Diabetes In Women


More and more women around the globe are falling prey to this lethal disease. It not only makes you feel weak, but also increases your chances of acquiring heart related ailments, yeast infections, etc. This ailment can also result in poor vision and can cause complications during pregnancy as well.

Unfortunately there is no permanent cure for diabetes as of yet. Once you get affected by the same, you will have to live with its symptoms your entire life. However, by following certain precautionary steps, one can abate the chances of acquiring diabetes.

How To Prevent Diabetes In Women

Exercise To Prevent Diabetes In Women

Women stand the risk of acquiring diabetes anytime after 30 years. However, many cases have been reported among those who are below 30 years also. So in order to prevent it, you can try indulging in some sort of physical activities everyday. This helps to keep you fit and in shape and also prevents diabetes.


A survey has stated that most women who fall victim to diabetes are obese. Those who remain active and are leaner hardly acquire the same. If you are overweight, then start off with a regular workout regimen to shed those undesirable pounds. You do not have to spend hours in the gym or indulge in strenuous workouts to achieve your target.

Simple exercises like brisk walking, light jogging, swimming, aerobics etc. are good enough to keep your heart pumping and calories burning.

Diet To Prevent Diabetes For Women

Next most important point that almost all women must keep in mind is to indulge in healthy eating. Women tend to do a lot of tasting while cooking and snacking while in the kitchen. This might seem minute but these tiny servings of food can also add on to your pounds.


Choose healthy foods for snacking. Instead of picking a pack of chips, grab a fruit or a handful of healthy nuts. Such healthy snacking habits will keep your weight in check. You can also try making certain alterations in your eating habits. Consume 5-6 small meals throughout the day instead of having 3-4 large meals.

A serving of fruit and vegetable salad is a must in your diet. Limit your consumption of unhealthy foods made of white processed flour. Switch to brown and wholegrain foods for better health. Also drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and fit.

Monitor To Prevent Diabetes For Women

You must visit your doctor frequently to get your blood sugar levels and blood pressure checked. Those with a history of diabetes and blood pressure in their family must monitor their condition on a regular basis.


It is possible to control and eliminate diabetes during the initial stages but it becomes difficult with each progressing stage. You can also buy devices to monitor your blood sugar and pressure levels at very reasonable rates from a trustworthy and branded medical store.

These devices are very easy to handle and you can monitor your condition on a regular basis within the comforts of your home. It is also believed that factors like stress and tensions can result in diabetes, so ensure that you remain calm and composed at all times to prevent the same.