How To Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes type 2 happens to be the most widely prevailing form of Diabetes. In the last 3 decades or so, Diabetes type 2 cases have seen a huge surge, in almost all the corners of the globe. Such is the upsurge of the Diabetes cases in the western part of the world that it has been branded as an outbreak.

Over the years, Diabetes has risen from being a rare illness to become a major cause of premature death. It is a modern day scourge which affects people in different ways. Heart ailments, kidney disorders and a host of other conditions are linked to the same. Its debilitating effect doesn’t allow people to lead a normal life and eventually causes death. However, Diabetes is preventable and this post puts across the steps that should be taken to avoid the condition.

Knowing Diabetes

In order to avoid diabetes, you would first need to know what it is all about. The ailment affects the way blood sugar is processed in the body. Insulin produced by the pancreas helps the cells of the body absorb glucose. However, when somebody starts suffering from Diabetes, the body faces a shortage of insulin. This in turn doesn’t allow the cells to absorb glucose and hence the blood sugar level keeps shooting up.

Tips To Prevent Diabetes

Be Concerned

Understanding diabetes and its impact on our life would make you feel motivated to avoid the same. There are numerous complications associated with diabetes. Some of these complications set foot right at the onset of diabetes, while there are many others which emerge in the later years.

Be Concerned

Some of the common problems associated with diabetes include renal failure, strokes, poor vision, nerve damage, skin breakdown and atherosclerosis.

Attention To Risk Factors

There are numerous aspects which increase the chances of you acquiring diabetes. Some of these include obesity, heredity, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle and high intake of sugar in food.

Attention To Risk Factors

Apart from these, women who have had gestational diabetes during pregnancy have a 40% higher chance of acquiring diabetes in later life. A low birth weight also increases your chances of developing diabetes by 23%. Lack of physical activity is also considered one of the prime reasons of acquiring diabetes in the early years.

Act Early

A stitch in time saves nine! Act while you can and you would definitely be able to avoid Diabetes type 2. The pre-diabetes phase is the time when you notice the rising blood sugar levels for the first time.

Act Early

It hints at the breakdown of the metabolic functions which ultimately leads to diabetes. However, you should not lose heart as the conditions are reversible. If you act early, you would definitely escape the grasp of diabetes.

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Change In Dietary Habits

Sugar laden foodstuffs or foods high in cholesterol increase your chances of acquiring diabetes. Hence, if you wish to avoid diabetes type 2 then you would have to make some mandatory changes to your errant food habits.

Dark Green Vegetables

Eating dark green vegetables as broccoli and spinach, orange vegetables as carrot and pumpkin, beans and peas have their positives. Good carbohydrates as bread and whole grains, fatless food and fiber rich content are said to keep diabetes at bay.

Lose Weight

Once you change your food habits, you would obviously lose weight a lot quicker than you can possibly imagine. Obesity happens to be one of the important causes of diabetes and hence try to do away with those extra kilos.

Lose Weight

A diet often doesn’t help in slimming down as it is more of a temporary change in the food habit and thus, in order to keep diabetes at bay, you would have to undergo a permanent dietary change.

Physical Activity

No matter what your weight is, exercising holds the key to remain fit. Sedentary lifestyle is often linked to various lifestyle diseases (one of them being diabetes). A thirty minute exercise or a brisk walk is enough to keep you away from diabetes.

Physical Activity

It’s never too late to start and once you begin following the little steps mentioned above, you would get to feel the difference. Simple changes in your lifestyle can indeed help you avoid something as grave as diabetes. These diabetes prevention tips are a mere effort on my part to help men and women identify the global killer and do the needful to escape its vicious grasp.

Hence, by putting the right amount of attention and by removing the risk factors (which lead to diabetes), people can indeed avoid diabetes type 2. The right steps at the right time do not allow things to get out of control and eventually help prevent diabetes.