3 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Almost every one in this world is passionate about their hair. Every day when we go out, we see people with different hairstyles, some of them have spiked their hair with gel, and some have styled it by tying it in a ponytail and so on.

As far as ladies are concerned they are all the more concerned about their hair and they style their hair in different ways. However there is a concern among every human being about hair loss.

Hair Loss Affects Everyone

Almost every human being in the world suffers from hair loss however in varying extent. It is a common phenomenon for people to shed lesser than 50 % of their hair strands.

However losing that much of hair means something is amiss with your hair and scalp. It is never a matter of concern for the men as they can easily sport the bald look if they cannot manage their hair loss.

However it is equally difficult for the women to just go bald as in case of the ladies the bald look does not go well. Thus, we can see that it is important that you try to prevent the hair loss in the first place.

Reasons For Hair Loss

Usually hair loss occurs in men and women due to genetic pattern and some times diseases and sickness. It is also a well known fact that an unbalanced diet also leads to the hair loss.

If your diet consists of foods that are high in carbohydrates, fats and refined sugars then it may also lead to hair loss.

Food Stuffs That Will Prevent Hair Loss

You should intake more food that is rich in Biotin, protein and vitamin A, C & E. Vitamin A helps to generate sebum in the scalp. Vitamin E helps to improve blood circulation. Biotin helps to retain the shine of the hair.

Food Stuffs That Will Prevent Hair Loss

Hair generally consists of protein so people should intake foodstuffs like beans, leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, lean meat, and cabbages etc. which are rich in protein. You should also keep on eating more fruits and vegetables that stimulates growth of hair.

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Minimize Styling To Safe Guard Your Hair

In case you are much into styling your hair, then you would do well to avoid maintaining your hair in pony style and minimize braiding of your hair. Always let your hair breathe and be free.

Minimize Styling To Safe Guard Your Hair

Minimize the use of hair equipments like blower, hair irons, crimper etc. They make the hair roots weak so those instruments should be avoided. The hair should be brushed gently and never try to brush it while it is still wet. The best option is to dry it with a towel and then brush so that hair does not get broken. The hair is the weakest while it is wet.

Things That You Should Do To Strengthen Your Hair

Another interesting thing that you can do is to use steam to prevent hair loss. Warm a little water, dip a towel in it and cover your head with it. This is one of the simplest home treatments to prevent hair loss. You can also use shampoo if you have thin hair.

Things That You Should Do To Strengthen Your Hair

Just as the towel gets cold, dip it in the hot water once more and apply on the head once again. This keeps the hair healthy and soft. Always apply oil to the scalp before steaming. These are some of the simple methods to prevent hair loss.