How To Prevent Menstrual Bloodstains

 How To Prevent Menstrual Bloodstains

Menstrual bloodstains are very common in menstruating women. More often than not, the period comes unexpectedly and stains your underwear.
This can ruin your lingerie and possibly stain your clothes if you are not careful. Removing and preventing menstrual bloodstains seems to be the only solution. Here are some ways to prevent menstrual bloodstains.

How To Prevent Menstrual Bloodstains

Wash Immediately

Bloodstains can be tough and difficult to remove especially if they have stained your panties for a long time. If you have bloodstains on your panty, wash the panty immediately under cold water.

This should get rid of the stain. Use a mild detergent if the need arises. Tougher stains may be more difficult to remove and you will have to use concentrated cleaning and bleaching liquids to get rid of the stain.

Wear a Thicker Pad at Night

Most cases of menstrual bleed stains occur at night when the blood leaks out from the pad onto the panty or the mattress. Prevent this from happening by wearing a couple of thicker sanitary pads. This should help to absorb the excess blood flow at night and prevent leakages.

Wear Longer Pads With Wings

A number of brands are coming out with sanitary pads that have side wings attached to them. These side wings protect your panties by preventing blood leaking out from the sides. The blood leaks out when the pad and the panty bunches up. Wear winged pads that prevent side leakages.

Your Sleeping Position

If bloodstains at night are a regular feature with you, it can cause an acute amount of distress. You need to monitor your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back is one of the primary reasons for menstrual bloodstains. This is because the blood leaks out and flows towards the back.

Prevent Menstrual Bloodstains

If your pad is short, the blood may miss the pad completely and seep through your panty onto the bed sheets. Wear a longer pad and try to sleep on your tummy to prevent night stains.

Change Pads Frequently

One of the best ways to prevent stains is to change pads frequently especially when you are bleeding excessively. Once your pad is half-full, change over to a new pad. This will greatly reduce the chances of leakages and stains occurring. Working and active women tend to get negligent and forgetful during their periods. Wearing a pad for long periods can lead to stains.

Switch to Tampons

Tampons are a great way of dealing with your periods in a hassle free manner. Tampons are small absorbent globules that are inserted deep inside the vagina once your period starts. The tampon helps to absorb the blood inside the vagina and negates the requirement of having to wear a pad.

The technique of wearing the tampon correctly is very important. Tampons are also known to lead to a condition called as toxic shock syndrome, which can lead to infection and death. Tampons are worn by swimmers and athletes to actively engage in sports without the inconvenience of pads and stains.

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