How To Prevent Menstrual Cramps Using Oriental Methods

Ginger Root

Very few women are lucky enough not to feel any cramps during menstruation. Menstrual cramps are a monthly menace that most women dread to go through. The pain can be varying on a scale of mild to severe and most women resort to the use of regular pain medications to do away with the pain and discomfort.

However, these methods can be very unhealthy and can cause problems when taken on a long term basis. There are wonderful, tried and tested oriental remedies that people are not aware of for treating menstrual cramps.

These methods are safe on your body and easy to administer as well. Here are some popular oriental remedies that you can try at home to prevent or reduce menstrual cramps.

Prevent Menstrual Cramps Using Oriental Methods

Ginger and Brown Sugar Remedy

This ancient remedy has been in use for time immemorial. Crush ginger and brown sugar and add it to a cup full of hot water. You may boil ginger and water and add sugar as well to prepare a tea that is strong enough to prevent menstrual cramps.



Take this tea in the morning and a couple of times through the day when you have your menstrual periods. This will help in preventing severe cramps during menstruation.

Azuki Beans

High in magnesium, Azuki beans helps in relaxing the muscles and preventing menstrual cramps during menstruation. They are also good sources of iron and potassium which help combat the iron deficiency or anaemia that sets in due to loss of blood and prevent water retention with the help of potassium.

Azuki Beans


Azuki beans can be boiled along with some water on a low flame and when it turns into a gruel, you can use it as a breakfast cereal or can be taken along with your lunch.

Hot Bath

When the cramps are particularly severe, oriental medicine recommends a hot shower when the aching muscles will be relaxed in the warmth of the hot water and cramps will be done with once you are out of the shower. This will help you catch up on your lost sleep as well.

Hot Shower


Dress Warmly

During menstruation, it helps if you keep your lower abdominal region well covered and with warmer clothes than usual. This will keep the muscles warm and prevent menstrual cramps from setting in.

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Dress Warmly


Covering your waist and abdominal region, even during particularly hot days will have a light heating effect on the abdominal area, thereby toning down your pain and helping you relax during the heavy days of menstruation.

Things To Avoid During Menstrual Menstruation

Oriental medicine suggests that taking anything that is cold or things that are below room temperature can obstruct proper blood flow and start cramps during menstruation.

Cold foods like yoghurt, salads etc. must be allowed to remain in room temperature for at least half an hour before consuming. Coffee being a stimulant can cause menstrual cramps and must be avoided during menstruation.

Avoid During Menstrual Menstruation


Spicy food too can trigger menstrual cramps and hence best avoided. It is also advised that women must avoid strenuous exercise during menstruation as it can lead to more muscle tears due to muscle weakness and aggravate cramps.