How To Prevent Ovarian Cancer From Recurring

As many as half a million women worldwide fall prey to ovarian cancer every year. Once you have fallen for the disease, there will always be an ‘Achilles Heel’ which will make you susceptible to the disease all throughout your lifetime.

Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye open always and look for symptoms that could point to a recurrence of cancer. Here are some ways of preventing ovarian cancer from recurring.

Ways Of Preventing Ovarian Cancer

Diet Changes

Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Fruits and vegetables that have antioxidant qualities which will help you stay away from free radical damage and ovarian cancer. You can include soy beans, blueberries, tomatoes, parsley, celery, carrots, red wine, broccoli, cabbages, apples etc. to keep yourself healthy.

Stay away from acidic foods. Reducing the intake of meat and dairy products and shifting to a vegetarian or vegan diet would help prevent recurrence as an alkaline diet will keep the body free from cancerous growths.

Look For Symptoms

Even if it is a recurrence of ovarian cancer, catching it early will again help you reduce the rigorous treatment methods and increase your life span. So, ensure that you are always vigilant about symptoms that could be subtle. Even if it is a small change in your body, never make the mistake of ignoring it. Checking and finding out that nothing is wrong will help you stay cool and stress free.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

Taking oral contraceptive pills are known to greatly decrease your chances of ovarian cancer. Talk to your doctor about taking birth control pills for preventing recurrence. Taking oral contraceptives for at least five years will considerably reduce ovarian cancer risk in women.

However, hormone replacement therapy, which too is a hormone based treatment method like birth control pills is known to have the opposite effect with patient becoming even more susceptible to the disease. Ensure that you do not have a family history of cervical cancer when you decide to take pills as oral contraceptives taken for more than five years is also known to increase the risk of cervical cancer.

Radiation Therapy

If you are past your reproductive age, you may consider radiation treatment along with surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation treatment will destroy the chances of a recurrence by 20%, increasing the life span to more than five years. Radiation therapy is however not recommended for younger patients who would like to conceive as it would damage the reproductive organs and make them infertile.

Tubal Ligation

If you are past your child bearing age and do not consider having any more children, a tubal ligation may be considered. Tubal ligation will help in preventing ovarian cancer even though it is not yet known what causes the effect. Tubal ligation is a procedure by which the fallopian tubes are either cut, cauterised or sutured so that the eggs do not reach the uterine wall.

Finally, there are many clinical trials where vaccines are administered to willing patients. These vaccines may not be effective in some cases. But positive immune responses have been reported in some cases where women have felt a lot better after the vaccine. Consult the Rosewell Park Cancer Centre in New York for further details.