How To Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer

protect yourself against cervical cancer

protect yourself against cervical cancer Cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women on the basis of the number of deaths. It is responsible for approximately 4,000 deaths each year. Still, cervical cancer is considered to be one of the most unusual and unidentified types of cancer.

Most women are familiar with the term Breast Cancer but Cervical Cancer’ is known by only a small percentage of the women population.

A lot of awareness needs to be created among the female population of the world so that they can protect themselves against cervical cancer. Every woman should try to protect herself against this disease because although it is a serious disease, it is highly preventable. This article reveals some crucial steps that should be taken in order to protect against cervical cancer.

How To Protect Yourself Against Cervical Cancer:

Step 1: Have A Pap test

Cervical cancer seldom shows any symptom in its initial stages. Therefore, it often goes undetected and enters the advanced stage. The Early symptoms of the cervical cancer may include vaginal bleeding, unusual vaginal discharge, and moderate pain during sexual intercourse, and contact bleeding.

These symptoms are often mistaken for some common health problems or are generally disregarded. If you experience any of these symptoms then you should consult your doctor and discuss your symptoms with him/her. If your doctor will find your symptoms alarming then you will be recommended to undertake a Pap test.

Step 2: See Your Gynecologist Regularly

If you want to protect yourself against cervical cancer then you should see your gynecologist regularly. You must also have a ‘Pap Test’ annually or as recommended by your doctor. A ‘Pap Test’ is capable of detecting changes on your cervix caused by an HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infection.

Step 3: Eat A Healthy Diet

Consumption of a healthy diet is of utmost importance in order to keep cervical cancer at bay. So if you want to protect yourself against cervical cancer then you should consume a healthy and nutritious diet on a regular basis. Nutrients such as Vitamins A, C and E and carotene are crucial for reducing your risk of cervical cancer and other cancers too. Therefore, you should increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.

5 to 6 servings of fruits and vegetables are considered healthy. Foods such as carrots, green leafy vegetables, cayenne pepper, butternut squash, dried apricots, lettuce, and cantaloupes are rich sources of Vitamin A and hence they should be consumed regularly.

Vegetables and fruits high in Vitamin C include broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, oranges, guava, tangerines, mango, grapefruits, kiwi, strawberries, etc. For Vitamin E, you should eat almonds, peanuts, beans, fish, peanut butter, etc. You should try to eat fruits alone in the morning in order to get the maximum benefit.

Step 4: Avoid Smoking

Smoking supports the growth of carcinogens in the body. It also reduces your immunity and hence you should avoid smoking to protect yourself against cervical cancer.

Step 5: Get Vaccinated

Women below the age of 26 are eligible for the HPV vaccine. So if you are below this age, then you should get vaccinated. It will protect you against the two types of HPV that mostly lead to the occurrence of cervical cancer.

Step 6: Practice Monogamy

One of the chief causes of cervical cancer is the HPV, which is a common STD. Therefore, you can protect yourself against cervical cancer by practicing monogamy and safe sex.

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