How To Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer Cervical cancer is no less life threatening as any other forms of cancer and millions of women are being afflicted with this disease every year. The signs of cervical cancer are not so pronounced at the early stage and most cases are diagnosed at the advanced stages leaving very little scope for treatment.

In spite of all these negative aspects, it has been proved that cervical cancer can be prevented easily through proper information about the preventive measures. Mortality rates from cervical cancer are declining steadily; thanks to the early detection tests and advanced treatment facilities.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

The causes of cervical cancer are not yet defined clearly, but statistics show that exposure to certain risk factors heightens the chances of this disease significantly. You can protect yourself from cervical cancer simply by staying away from these risk factors.

Go For Regular Pap Smear Tests

Pap smear test is a must for every sexually active woman. Any abnormality in the cervix can be detected early through this test, thereby reducing the chances of cervical cancer.

It is recommended for every woman above the age of 21 to go for Pap smear test once in two years. Regular follow ups are essential in case of any abnormality in the Pap smear test. This test is very useful to detect cervical  cancer at the earliest stage and can be treated accordingly.

Avoid Multiple Sex Partners

Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Having many sex partners increases the risk of cervical cancer. Researches on cervical cancer reveal that women having multiple sex partners have higher chances of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) infection, one of the vital causative factors of this disease.

Avoid Unprotected Sex

Always use condom while having sex with your partner. This will protect you from contacting HPV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Young women mostly contact HPV infection through unprotected sex. Birth control pills can prevent unwanted pregnancies but cannot protect you from harmful STDs, which often lead to cervical cancer in the future.

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Quit Smoking

Protect Yourself From Cervical Cancer

Smoking raises the risk of cervical cancer. The risk is several times higher in women having HPV infection. Even passive smoking increases the risk significantly. It is high time that you quit the butt in order to protect yourself from cervical cancer.

Get Yourself Vaccinated

HPV vaccine can protect you from contacting high risk HPV strains, which are often responsible for causing cervical cancer. FDA approved HPV vaccine can be administered at a very young age. It is best to administer this vaccine before a girl becomes sexually active. It is better to consult a gynecologist before administering this vaccine.

Follow A Vitamin Enriched Diet

Cervical Cancer Treatment

Follow a diet enriched with Folic acid, Vitamin A, C and E to boost your body immunity system. Folic acid, a form of Vitamin B, plays a crucial role in DNA synthesis. Since cells of cervix regenerate fast, low levels of Folic acid in the body may cause abnormalities in them.

Proper information and timely preventive measures can protect millions of women from cervical cancer. Many women fall prey to this disease without being aware of the causes and preventive measures. The rising awareness among women and advanced treatment facilities has succeeded in reducing the mortality rate from cervical cancer to a great extent.