How To Raise Awareness For Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer may account for only 3% of the women who are affected by various forms of cancer. However, if you check the statistics, you will find that millions of women die every year due to late diagnosis and because they did not know what symptoms to look out for. The importance of creating awareness among women about ovarian cancer becomes very vital in such a situation.

When it comes to educating women about ovarian cancer, there is a real dearth of resources in terms of manpower and methods. If you are planning to involve yourself in campaigns that raise awareness about ovarian cancer, here are some ways by which you can do a wonderful job.

Ways To Raise Awareness For Ovarian Cancer

The most important thing to remember while spreading awareness is to educate women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer has very confusing symptoms that make them look like a minor stomach upset. However, these symptoms are different from the other symptoms in that it could be very persistent, even if it is on a lower scale. No amount of medications and home remedies can put an end to it. Let women know how to identify important symptoms.

Increase your knowledge about ovarian cancer. This would include educating yourself about the various testing methods available for diagnosis like CT scan, Ultrasound scan, pelvic examination, biopsy and blood test. Most of these testing methods are non invasive and hence very easy to undertake. Doing just a pelvic examination when faced with abnormal symptoms will go a long way in early diagnosis.

You can offer your bit of voluntary service by joining voluntary organisations, national and local cancer awareness groups and other campaigns that require many people like you to help them spread the word and save the life of many women.

There are many ways by which you can educate yourself before educating others. This can be through the internet, through friends who have suffered ovarian cancer, through hospitals and cancer awareness organisations. Gathering maximum information about ovarian cancer will also help you educate others and give them convincing information they can rely on.

It is also important to make sure that you are aware of the statistics related to ovarian cancer cure. Many women who have been diagnosed would love to know their chances of survival and presenting these statistics to them would definitely encourage them to continue treatment. Early stages of ovarian cancer has up to 93% survival rate which is a very good cure rate for encouragement.

Coming to the methods of treatment, this too would be part of the awareness activity. Most women would be mortally scared of the treatment methods for cancer. While early stage treatment methods are less invasive, the advanced stages would require chemotherapy and radiation treatment.But the cure rates are still very promising with as many as half of the women getting successful treatment. Raising awareness about the treatment methods for ovarian cancer too is very essential for helping them decide on the best treatments available for their condition.

Last but not the least, it is also important to encourage the terminally ill to take clinical trials as they too can make a huge difference in some cases.

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