How To Recognize Signs Of Labor

Pregnancy is considered as the most beautiful part of journey in a woman’s life. The climax of this journey is delivery and before that is labor. In villages and places where the facility of an obstetrician is seldom present and babies are born with the help of a mid – wife only, people say a lot about when the delivery is expected by the appearance of the expecting mother. Most women are scared of pregnancy because of labor.Let’s find out the different signs of labor.

Signs Of Approaching Labor

The first sign that an expecting mother feels is a dropping feeling in the lower portion of the body. The baby when turns head down and drops to the cervix of the uterus this feeling is experienced and this puts a lot of pressure on the bladder causing the mother to urinate a lot.

Also, difficulty in bowel movements might be experienced by some mothers.This dropping feeling would be strong in case of babies which were positioned a little high and then suddenly drop. Because of this drooping suddenly the mother feels comfortable comparatively in breathing.

Some other kind of changes can be experienced in cervix.Though these changes will be more strongly felt by the doctors as they perform some internal check-ups a couple of weeks before due date.The mouth of the cervix can be experienced as opening up a little more than normal and will feel softer.

There is something called as practice contractions. The name has been given because it gives practice of the actual pains. These pains are experienced throughout pregnancy but the frequency increases and they intensify at the end of pregnancy.

These contractions are also called Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions are of course different from actual labor contractions as they don’t really have a pattern, they don’t intensify and the duration does not increase with reduction in the gaps.

Breaking of water bag is also a sign that it is time that you call your doctor or visit the hospital. There would be a sudden gush of fluid which is clear and odorless.

It is not necessary that the fluid just bursts out; it could come out slow and steady too. If the appearance of the fluid is a little different then please note it down to enquire with the doctor.

There is a vaginal discharge, which is brownish or blood tinged in color.This discharge may mean that the labor is about to begin in a few hours or days. This simply means that whatever needs to come out is on its way! Women might experience lower back pains or thigh pains persistently.

Women can identify it with premenstrual feeling of cramps .Also frequency of using toilet for emptying the bladder might increase and some women might feel the urge to pass stools.

Once the actual contractions have begun with increase in frequency and reduction in breaks accompanied by increased intensity in the contractions, it is good to be well hydrated with plenty of fluids and keep walking in between and resting a little when the contractions occur. This is required for the approaching hard work that a woman needs to do.

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