How To Recognize The Symptoms Of HPV

One of the most known sexually transmitted diseases is HPV or Human papillomavirus. It badly affects the genital organs of both men and women as the parts come in contact during intercourse.It even affects the mouth and throat if the partners having the disease practice oral sex, etc.

HPV can also lead to cancer and allergies in different parts of the body.You cannot always understand if you are suffering from HPV, but some symptoms are detected with help of tests such as Papanicolaou or Pap smear test on females and penis test for males. The symptoms are explained in details in this article:

Warts Affecting Genitals And Throat:

HPV-6 and HpV-11 mostly infect the genital areas of human beings like- thigh, penis, rectum, anus, vagina, cervix, groin, etc. causing genital warts or condylomata acuminata. They vary in sizes, structures (flat or elevated) and numbers (single or in clusters). They can increase at the time of pregnancy.

Another type of infection is recurrent respiratory papillomatosis or RRP. It infects the throat by forming warts. If these warts increase in size, they may check free air passage leading to breathing problems or harsh voice.

Warts Affecting Other Parts Of The Body:

Warts are nothing but extra skin outgrowths that appear as a result of HPV (HPV-5, HPV-8, HPV-1, 3, etc.) infections. They are developed on the outer skin of the person as he/she comes in contact with any infected person or dirty areas.

Some examples are common warts, flat warts, periungual warts, filliform warts and plantar warts.

Common warts are located on the fingers, toes, hands, etc. having round and elevated structures.

Flat warts are found on legs, face and other body parts having flat and reddish structures.

Periungual warts are found on the outer surrounding of the nails and are yellowish in colour.

Filliform warts are enlarged warts found on the face.

Plantar warts are developed on the underside of the foot, i.e. the sole.They are very painful and have dark core spots.

Cancer Signs Of HPV:

Some HPV infections from viruses like HPV-16 and HPV-18 can be very dangerous causing cancers who themselves are the symptoms of the infections. Cervical cancer is the most common type developed in women having HPV infection.

It is a painful disease and should be treated in the early stage. Other organs like vulva, vagina, penis, anus, head, throat, etc. are also affected with cancer due to the presence of HPV infection.

Other skin Allergies:

Some painful allergies can also be the outcome of HPV infections. They generally grow on the tender regions of the body like tongue, inside and outside the mouth, larynx, tonsils, etc.

Anomalous Pap Smear Test Report:

Pap smear test can detect any traces of HPV infections present in the genital regions of the women like vagina, cervix, etc.It shows irregular changes in cells, especially white blood cell aggregation, which confirms the entry of harmful microbes. This process shows first symptoms of HPV, which can be cured effectively.