Breast Augmentation Surgery In a bid to achieve the perfect hour glass figure, an increasing number of women these days do not mind going under the knife to get fuller and bigger breasts. In the recent times, breast augmentation surgery has become a common procedure across the globe with large number of women opting for it in order to increase their breast size.

Just like any other kind of surgical procedure, the post operative care is extremely critical in case of breast augmentation surgery to ensure smooth recovery. The recuperation period following a breast augmentation surgery might vary from a few days to a couple of weeks.

The recovery period after the procedure can hugely influence the outcome of the surgery and can be a deciding factor in its success. Before going under the scalpel to augment the size of your breasts, make sure that you are well aware of what to expect from the surgery and the impact that it might have on your body.

So if you are planning to undergo breast augmentation surgery, here is a list of steps that you might undertake to hasten the process of recovery and get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

Ways To Recover From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Get Some Rest

Recover tips after Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Following the surgery, make sure that you get ample amount of rest to speed up the recovery process. After the procedure, your body would be rather sore and so, getting as much rest as possible would go a long way in helping you recuperate fast. Also, try to avoid indulging in any kind of strenuous activity for few weeks after the breast augmentation surgery.

Use Ice Packs

For the first 48 hours following the surgery, it is recommended that ice packs should be used on the breasts to prevent swelling. Icing of the breast after breast augmentation surgery is also instrumental in warding off any discomfort that you might feel owing to the surgical procedure.

Closely Follow The Surgeon’s Post-Operative Instructions

Breast Augmentation recovery tips

Keep a close eye on the incision and make sure that there is no cause for any infection. Follow the instructions given by the cosmetic surgeon closely to avoid any kind of post-operative complications. The antibiotics and the analgesics should be taken on time and regularly.

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Wear Post-Surgical Bra

It is usually recommended that the post-surgical bra is worn regularly following the breast augmentation surgery until the doctor takes a closer look at your incisions. Stop wearing the post-surgical bra only after your surgeon has advised you to do so.

Watch Out For Post-Operative Fever

Tips On Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Following breast augmentation surgery, fever is often indicative of infections stemming from breast implants. So make sure that you check your body temperature regularly to be sure that you haven’t contracted any infection.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach

After the surgical procedure, do not sleep on your stomach for at least few weeks. It is advised that following the surgery, it is preferable to sleep in an uptight position to boost the process of recovery.

Start Breast Massage

How To Recover From Breast Augmentation Surgery

In order to ward off encapsulation and hardening of the tissue, make sure that you begin practising some breast massage techniques as early as 24 hours after the surgery. However, make sure that these techniques are recommended by your doctor depending on your breast implants.