How To Reduce Prolonged Periods

How To Reduce Prolonged Periods

How To Reduce Prolonged Periods There are many women who suffer from long menstrual cycles that go on for more than 7 days. Heavy menstrual bleeding and severe abdominal cramps may also accompany the long periods.

While a lot of women suffer from long periods, which last up to 7 days, anything more than this is not normal, and needs medical investigation and treatment. This is because prolonged bleeding can lead to exhaustion and anaemia. Here are some steps to reduce a prolonged period.

Tips To Reduce Prolonged Periods

Consult A Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist can conduct a thorough investigation, do an ultrasound, and determine the cause of the heavy and prolonged period. At times, it may also be endometriosis that is causing the long period. Once a diagnosis is formed, a treatment modality can be chalked out.

Birth Control Pills

How To Reduce Prolonged Periods

Birth control pills are very effective in reducing heavy bleeding and extended cycles. Consult your doctor who will put you on effective birth control pills, which have minimal side effects. This will also prevent a pregnancy.

Hormonal Imbalances

Sometimes heavy and prolonged bleeding is caused due to a hormonal imbalance. Make sure you ask your doctor to do a thorough check up. A deficiency in this balance can be corrected and normal menstrual cycles can be effectively restored.

Reduce Stress

How To Reduce Prolonged Periods

At times, stress also plays havoc with your menstrual cycle, leading to amenorrhea or menorrhagia, which leads to prolonged bleeding. Not taking stress in your life will also help to control the length of your cycle.


Some medication like pain relievers may help to control the bleeding and relieve any pain and discomfort associated with prolonged periods.

Take Exercise

How To Reduce Prolonged Periods

Obesity can also lead to hormonal imbalances and prolonged periods so make sure you take in exercise regularly to bring your weight back in control. Exercise will also help to restore normal hormonal functioning.


In case of endometriosis, surgery may be considered where the excess tissue from the uterine lining is removed. This can give you tremendous relief and help to lessen your menstrual cycle to a large extent. Fibroids may be another reason for long periods so make sure you get yourself treated for fibroids through surgery or medication.

Eat Well

How To reduce Prolonged Periods

Prolonged bleeding can take a toll on your health and make you feel exhausted. Make sure you take iron rich foods and supplements so that your body does not have to cope with iron deficiency and anaemia.

Speak To The Doctor

Many women continue to ignore their symptoms of long periods, as they are shy and hesitate to speak to the doctor. Make sure you get over your reservations and speak to a doctor if you suffer from such problems. Early treatment is necessary otherwise, it can lead to scores of other problems like infertility and an inability to conceive a child.

Prolonged periods are a very small problem and can be easily rectified with the help of medication and surgery. So make sure you follow the above tips and seek help at the earliest.