Reduce Swelling After Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have decided to go in for a breast reduction surgery, you should be aware of the postoperative effects and the care needed after the surgery is completed. Most techniques of breast reduction surgery are highly advanced with minimal discomfort and quick recuperation.

However, like most surgeries, breast reduction surgery will also give you mild pain and discomfort especially at the site of the incision. However, this pain is miniscule compared to the chronic backaches and headaches that you must have experienced with heavy breasts.

Tips To Reduce Swelling After Breast Reduction Surgery

Incision Care And Postoperative Swelling

Most breast reduction surgery patients tend to experience random shooting pains at the site of the incision for months together. The area also feels inflamed and tender in the first few days after the surgery. A clear liquid and formation of a crust may also be there. Swelling and inflammation around the incision site and redness is very common in breast reduction surgery. The recovery time after the surgery is about 7-10 days after which you can get back to work. In the meantime, you can make use of the following steps to reduce the swelling.

Cold Packs


Cold Packs Reduce Breast Swelling

If the area around the breast feels tender and swollen, apply some ice packs to give you relief. The ice pack helps to contract the blood vessels and give you relief. It also numbs the pain to a large extent.

Sit And Sleep Upright

Make sure you sit upright most of the time. If you can, sleep in a semi-reclining position. This will prevent the build up of fluid in the breasts and help to ease the swelling.


Sit Upright Reduce Breast Swelling


Any kind of excess fluid retention in the body can be easily dealt with diuretics. Take natural diuretics like herbal and chamomile tea, water or cranberry juice.

Chamomile Tea Reduce Breast Swelling

Limit Your Sodium Intake

Take a low salt diet especially for the first few days. This will help to get rid of fluid accumulation especially in the breasts, which will eventually ease your pain and make you feel more comfortable.

Low Salt Diet Reduce Breast Swelling

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Painkillers Reduce Breast Swelling

If the swelling leads to acute pain, you can request your doctor for some mild painkillers to give relief from the pain.


Drains Breast Reduction Surgery

Drains are attached to the breast after breast reduction surgery to help get rid of the excess fluid from the area of the incision. The doctor may also make you wear tight bandages, compression garments or surgical bras after the surgery. This is done primarily to reduce the swelling and to allow the breasts to heal. Mild discomfort may be there but you will have to deal with it.


Exercise Reduce Breast Swelling

Make sure you get plenty of exercise once you recover as this too helps in blood circulation and helping to get rid of the excess oedema.

Unusual Swelling

If your swelling increases after the surgery and is accompanied by severe pain and high fever, contact your doctor immediately. It could be the sign of infection and may require treatment with antibiotics. In the meantime, take care of your suture site, eat well and rest up as much as you can for faster recovery.

Contact Your Doctor For Unusual Swelling