4 Ways To Get Rid Of Cervical Cancer Pain

Cervical Cancer Pain

Cervical cancer invades and takes away the life of many a woman before they bloom fully into womanhood. The disease is most often detected late due to the absence of symptoms and in most cases the cancer is so advanced that nothing much remains to be done. If you have been lucky enough to have been diagnosed with cervical cancer in the early stages, you would most probably be cured completely.

However, the pain associated with cervical cancer would be debilitating and along with other treatment methods like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the pain could get worse and unmanageable. Here are some ways to manage pain associated with cervical cancer and the treatment.

If you suffer from debilitating pain that tampers with your day to day life, check with your doctor about pain medications that can be safely administered alongside the treatment. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy too would require pain medications to control the pain and lead a normal life. A number of pain medications are available that can be used along with the treatment without affecting the efficacy of the treatment. You might also need some pain medication if you have had a hysterectomy related to your cervical cancer.

If the pain is not that severe, you might want to manage with over the counter pain relievers which come cheap and also without a prescription from the doctor. But be wary of taking them continuously as it can cause unwanted side effects which you want to avoid at this stage. Over the counter medications are comparatively mild with very little side effects if they are used properly.

Over The Counter Medications

Try natural remedies for pain relief. A number of natural remedies are very effective in treating pain and almost all of them are not just free from side effects but may also improve your condition due to their medicinal value. Ginger tea is good for pain relief and can be taken 4-5 times a day. You may also chew on a piece of ginger whenever the pain gets out of hand.

Ginger Tea

Homeopathy and ayurveda has many natural pain relievers which can be taken in conjunction with your cancer treatment Talk to your doctor about options available as these alternative treatment methods can help you stay sane and pain free during the treatment.

Acupuncture and massage treatments may be undertaken along with cancer treatment and these natural methods are wonderfully beneficial for pain relief and overall well being of the patient. Acupuncture targets specific areas of the body through needle pricks to offer pain relief. Massage too helps in increasing blood circulation in the body.


Exercise and diet helps in relieving pain and also muscle fatigue related to cervical cancer and treatment. It will also help gain immunity and fight the cancer along with prevention of further occurrences. Diet too plays a great role in treating cervical cancer and pain. Include fresh fruits and vegetables that help in fighting cancer and reducing the pain associated with it.


Pain medications must be slowly weaned off as the treatment leads to improvement and nears completion. For patients who are terminally ill, the pain could be unbearable and in such cases, palliative care can be given.