How To Reduce The Risk Of Ovarian Cancer

reduce risk of ovarian cancer

reduce risk of ovarian cancer As the name suggests ovarian cancer is the cancer of the ovaries and is the fifth most prevalent form of cancer in women. Older women and women with a history of the same in their family are at the risk of suffering from the same.

This form of cancer is also referred to as the “silent killer”. This is because of the fact that this ailment does not display any symptoms in its initial stages. So it becomes difficult to determine ovarian cancer.

However, with progressing stages, one might experience a series of symptoms like irregular menstrual cycles, unexplained vaginal bleeding, sudden weight gain or weight loss etc. Onsets of certain digestive disorders like gastric problems, loss of appetite, constipation etc. are the hallmark signs of this ailment.

If not treated on time, then ovarian cancer can prove fatal also. Those who stand at the risk of attaining this ailment can consult their doctor and get to know all about preventing the same. You can play your part by making certain alterations in your diet and lifestyle.

Dietary Modifications

You can start off with making certain changes in your eating habits. It is very essential to eliminate foods rich in harmful fats like trans fat and saturated fats from your diet. Replace such unhealthy foods with high fiber foods like oats, wheat bran, barley etc. Inclusion of plenty of fruits and vegetables abates your chances of acquiring ovarian cancer.

This is because of the fact that almost all sorts of fruits and vegetables are rich source of antioxidants which possess ability to fight cancerous cells. These hinder growth and multiplication of tumorous cells and play their part in keeping cancer at bay. A serving of fruit and vegetable salad with every meal will not only keep your weight in check but also keep you safe from ovarian cancer.

Physical Activities

An array of researches and studies has concluded that obese women stand at the risk of attaining ovarian cancer at some point of their lives. Hence it is very essential to eat healthy in order to maintain ideal weight. It is just as important to indulge in some amount of physical activities daily to stay in shape.

You can choose any activity like aerobics, swimming, jogging, dancing etc. and indulge in the same for at least half an hour everyday. A controlled diet alongside such exercises will help you shed those undesirable pounds in no time.


Most women might find this absurd, but it has been proved that women who manage to conceive children before hitting the age of 30 are at reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer. On the contrary, certain studies have also reveled that use of birth control pills also keeps ovarian cancer at bay.

Strong Immunity

Little known is that fact that those who remain stressed have reduced resistance to fight various infections and diseases. So in order to prevent ovarian cancer, you will have to eliminate such factors from your life. Also refrain from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking etc., as these have a negative impact on your immune system.

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