How To Reduce Your Bustline

Woman is a very attractive species. Her physical beauty definitely lies in her curves.  A lot of women would agree to this, specially the one’s who desperately want to have a great figure.

A great figure is made when you have the right bust line and the right waistline. Loosing the bust line is as good as loosing extra weight from your body, and more difficult. Follow a regime to achieve this.

The Regime

Begin with a warm up session, and then go for a jog. If you are used to jogging then jog at medium / high pace, else start with a slow pace, you can increase the pace with increase in stamina. Remember, first 20 minutes of jog is only to maintain your weight, the latter duration helps you reduce your weight. So jogging for another 10 to 20 minutes should be good enough to activate your metabolism, only thing to be kept in mind is that try that you don’t stop in the middle, it’s good to end with a sprint!

If you are not able to prolong the jog, just vary your pace, or brisk walk for a while, then get back. Once you are done with this, start cooling down by strolling or walking backward- this is a very good way to relax your calf muscles. Do not make the mistake of sitting or lying down as it can jam your muscles and give you cramps.

The Bust Stretches

After all of the above, continue your walk and start stretching your arms: Be in standing position and swing your hands keeping them straight front and back, clap each time the go to front or back. When they go behind it might be difficult to clap behind but bring them close as much as possible. Do this 30 times.

Next, keep both palms on respective shoulders and rotate them clockwise and reverse. Make sure that elbows touch each other while sweeping through the front and when the hands are at 90 degree then they touch your ears. Do this stretch 20 times clockwise and reverse. If your hands are too tired then just give break of a few seconds. Remember, the body is right now hot and active. You have to complete the stretches before the body cools down.

Next one, release your hands from the shoulders and do the same exercise with full open arms. Do this again 20 clockwise and anti-clockwise. You surely would be tired by now, so definitely breathe for a couple of minutes. The final one that is most effective. Stand straight, jump and spilt your legs wide till comfortable. Along with the legs, swing your arms up above the head and clap. Then come back to the original position. Do this in continuity 20 to 50 times. That’s it! Now cool down for the last time.

Doing this regime regularly for a month will definitely show results. This regime will reduce your bust line for sure and in addition your waistline will also get toned!