How To Relieve Asthma

Ways To Relieve Asthma

Ways To Relieve Asthma

Asthma is an allergic condition, which afflicts millions of people all over the world. There is no cure for asthma. It can only be prevented and managed to keep the symptoms under control. The treatment of asthma usually involve identification of the triggers that lead to asthma.There is also a need to take your daily asthma medication to prevent a sudden flare up. Certain allergens present in the environment need to be minimized so that they do not trigger any of the symptoms. Here are some ways by which you can relieve asthma.

Ways to Relieve Asthma


Caffeine To Relieve Asthma

Caffeine is said to be an effective remedy in dilating the bronchial passages in the eventuality that you do not have an inhaler on you. Drink a strong cup of black coffee, the moment you start to feel uneasy or develop wheezing. Hopefully, your symptoms should abate. If not, seek medical attention immediately. Even coca-cola is said to be a good remedy against mild attacks of asthma.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar To Relieve Asthma

This is another effective way of relieving an asthma attack in the comfort of your home. This helps to relieve lung congestion and may also provide temporary relief to your airways. Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar dissolved in a glass of water for relief against an asthma attack.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing Exercises To Relieve Asthma

These exercises should be done on a daily basis as they keep the asthma attack from occurring or flaring up. Certain yogic postures and breathing techniques are particularly helpful in alleviating asthma.Just make sure you do them in consultation with a doctor and a yoga expert. These exercises, done over a period of time will reduce the frequency of asthma episodes.

Albuterol Inhaler

Albuterol Inhaler To Relieve Asthma

This is one of the most commonly used medications for asthma. It is a medicated inhaler, which quickly dilates the bronchial passages. The medicine is simply sprayed into your lungs and works almost immediately. This is a standard prescription medication for asthma sufferers.

Ice-Cold Water

Ice-Cold Water To Relieve Asthma

Drinking ice-cold water is said to give relief from asthma. The cold water shocks the bronchial passages and quickly dilates them helping you to breathe easier. Quickly have a glass of ice cold water if you are experiencing difficulties in breathing.

Stay Away From Pet Dander

Stay Away From Pet Dander

Pet dander is one of the triggers for asthma as a lot of people are allergic to pet dander. If you have a pet at home, keep your distance. Likewise if you are going to someone’s place and he or she have a pet, request him or her to keep the pet away from you.A pet at home can be more tolerable as long as you do not stay in close proximity with the pet. Make sure your pet bathes regularly which will keep the pet’s fur devoid of dander.

Dust Mites

Dust Mites To Relieve Asthma

Dust mites are something you simply cannot do without. They are there in almost every corner of your home. They are the biggest culprits of an asthma attack.Try to banish dust mites from your home by regularly vacuuming your house down. Vacuuming the house is probably the best solution for banishing dust mites that could probably trigger an asthma allergy.

Wash Your Linen

Wash Your Linen To Relieve Asthma

Wash all bed linen as often as you can otherwise you will be grappling with an asthma attack every second day. Washing sheets with warm water, every third day should help to minimize asthma allergy.

Keep Windows Closed

Keep Windows Closed To Avoid Asthma

A change in season could make you allergic to pollen. Keep your windows closed to prevent pollen and dust from entering the house. While this can get stuffy, it is probably a good way of minimizing asthma attacks.

Servicing of AC’s and Humidifiers

Servicing Of AC To Avoid Asthma

It is very important to get the AC and humidifier serviced every second month. This is because these appliances tend to get affected by mould, which is a common household allergen. The mould in turn can intensify your asthma allergy. Regular servicing can prevent a host of allergies and keep them at bay.

Ban Smoking

Ban Smoking To Relieve Asthma

Smoking can play havoc with asthma and make your condition worse. Asthma sufferers should kick the habit and stay away from any form of passive smoke, as the smoke from nicotine is a lethal allergen and can bring on a lethal attack of asthma.In any case, smoking is just not good for the lungs and can cause several ailments.

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Brave the Weather

Changes in the weather can make you more susceptible to asthma attacks. For example, some people are more prone to getting attacks in winter. In order to prevent this, start identifying weather triggers like a change in the wind, change in temperature, rainfall etc. Start taking necessary precautions like staying indoors, covering yourself up or going out with a mask on so that you do not inhale the icy cold air. Some people thrive in the rain because the rain washes away all the allergens. If that is the case, make the most of the rainy weather.

Watch What You Eat

Proper Diet To Relieve Asthma

Some people react badly to food and react in the form of asthma or asthma like symptoms. The common culprits are shellfish, prawns, eggs, strawberries, chocolates and nuts, which could trigger an allergic reaction. Your best bet is to stay away from allergy causing foods. Choose restaurants wisely or eat from home before venturing out.

Protect Your Health

Take Medications On Time To Relieve Asthma

Stay healthy always. Avoid sick people like the plague especially people with respiratory infections. Take your diet supplements and medications on time.Exercise a bit every day. This will keep your body in good health and also improve your cardio-pulmonary fitness. Drink plenty of warm fluids throughout the day to keep your bronchial passages moist and flexible.

Avoid Chemical Fumes

Avoid Chemical Fumes To Relieve Asthma

Chemical sprays and fumes are yet another contributing factor towards the development of asthma. This point becomes valid especially if you are living in proximity to a factory. Staying close to a factory will make you more vulnerable to asthma attacks. Stay away from factory premises and keep all doors and windows locked. If your condtion is very serious, re-locate.