How To Remove Acne With The Help Of Laser

How To Remove Acne With The Help Of Laser

How To Remove Acne With The Help Of Laser Acne treatment with the help of topical gels and oral medicine is an effective mode for the acne but they dry the skin and it is difficult to apply these creams on the back and chest area due to larger surface area and will cost your pocket more due to the large quantity of gels are required for the application.

The three types of laser treatment for acne can be used which are explained here.

Types of Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne Laser Treatments 

The treatment of acne with the help of laser technology will give better results on the inflammatory acne with no dry and irritated skin. The laser treatment of acne will destroy all the bacteria on the skin that are responsible for the acne breakout and also prevent the future breakouts of acne on various parts of the body.

The pulsed light technology puts the adequate amount of light on acne and heals it. The light is absorbed by the porphyrins within the skin and destroys all the acne causing bacteria and prevents the further growth as well. The acne scars are treated with the use of several pulses of laser light to solidify the tissue of the scar and form a fresh tissue of the skin. The time taken to heal acne and acne scar in this process in very less with no chances of infection and pain in the skin.

Laser Scar Removal

The scars on a person’s face leads to a lot of emotional and physical pain and affect the self esteem and confidence of a person. The sufferer avoids going to social gatherings because of the scar on the face. But with the advancement in the technology there is no worry as you can get rid of the scar on your face with the use of laser scar removal treatment.

How To Remove Acne With The Help Of Laser

The surgical scar removal procedure is a painful process but this newer concept of laser scar removal does not cause any pain. It uses a fractional laser technology to remove the scar with lesser pain, no risk and minimal downtime. This process is felicitous for all types of skin.

The fractional laser light is used in laser scar removal technique and it creates micro-columns to consolidate the tissue of the skin that goes deep into the dermis layer without eroding the epidermis layer of the skin. This process leads to replace the compacted scars on the face with fresh skin diminishing the visibility of the scar tissues.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a technique which uses laser to improve the looks of the skin and treat the facial flaws of the skin. The acne vulgaris gives the skin some patches which can be treated with the help of laser skin resurfacing. This can be done with the help of two types of laser- ablative or non ablative laser.

The Ablative laser is used to remove the layer of the skin and give a new look with the fresh layer of the skin. Non-ablative laser is used to galvanize the growth of collagen in the skin and tone the beneath the surface of the skin. This procedure takes less recovery time than abrasive laser technology but it is less effective than ablative laser technology.

Both these processes can be used to remove the scars caused by acne or chicken pox, fine lines due to aging and for the treatment of wrinkles and sun damaged skin.