How To Reverse Diabetes

How To Reverse Diabetes

How To Reverse Diabetes Type -2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes can be easily reversed and managed. This can be easily done with an iron will, correct eating habits and exercise. This paves the way for you to have control over the disease rather than the disease controlling you. It is important to note that there is no cure for type-2 diabetes but with the correct lifestyle changes, the disease can be easily kept under control or even reversed without ever having to take insulin or diabetes medication. Here are some of the steps to reverse diabetes.

Steps to Reverse Diabetes

Cut Down on Starch

It is important to not only eliminate fatty and refined food but also to make excellent food choices as you eat healthy. Starch can be a huge culprit in elevating blood sugar levels. The unhealthy forms of starch are found in potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and bread. You need to severely cut down on starch and look for healthier substitutes. Eat peas, carrots, spinach, broccoli and lettuce instead of baked potatoes in their jackets.

Eat Lean Cuts of Meat

It is a myth that diabetics have to give up on their favourite non-vegetarian foods. Instead, opt for leaner cuts of meat found in fish and chicken. Skip the beef and the red meat as this has animal lard, which is nothing, but fat. This ugly fat not only elevates your blood sugar but also your blood cholesterol levels.

Eat Oily Fish

How To Reverse Diabetes

Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines have omega-3 fatty acids that help to lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. This in turn affects your obesity, cuts down on the pounds and positively affects your diabetic condition.

Switch to Multi-Grain Bread

Instead of going in for white bread, switch to multi-grain bread which in infinitely healthier and offers more quality nutrition. Try eating a multi-grain sandwich with low fat cheese as a snack or a lunch option. This is a good way of keeping the blood sugar levels under control.


There is nothing like exercise to reverse pre-diabetes or reverse mild type-2 diabetes. Keep moving throughout the day. Take long walks or do some vigorous cardio like running. Combine your cardio sessions with 3-4 sessions of strength training. Exercise boosts the spirit; releases feel good hormones and helps to cut down on insulin resistance in the body thus helping your body to metabolize sugar in a better way.

People who exercise religiously show a lower risk of developing full-blown diabetes. Pre-diabetes can in fact be easily reversed with intelligent eating and exercising. If you are obese and have never moved in your life, start gradually after speaking to your doctor. Do slow ten-minute sessions daily and you will find your stamina increasing progressively with time.

Stay Motivated

It is also very important to stay motivated and keep realistic goals. Keeping a food diary can prove to be quite a boon for most patients.

How To Reverse Diabetes

This helps them to chart what they have eaten throughout the day and keep a check on each and every calorie that they have consumed. Once you are doing that, there are less chances that you will lapse into your old patterns of eating and drinking.

Eat 6-7 Small Meals

One way by which you can control your blood sugar levels and keep them at an even keel is to eat small meals throughout the day. This ensures a steady supply of glucose into your blood stream without seriously putting strain on your pancreas. This is one tip, which most nutritionists prescribe to diabetics.

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Lose Weight

You may be exercising religiously but that by no means implies that you are fit. If you eat poorly and have less than ideal eating habits, you could be putting yourself at risk for obesity, which only complicates and compounds matters. If you are obese, get rid of the excess fat immediately.

Embark yourself on a weight loss programme, which can be achieved through correct eating and exercising. Just losing 5-6 pounds of belly and hip fat can bring down your blood sugar levels by a whopping 30%. You will also feel more energetic and your resting metabolic rate will improve which will have a direct impact on your diabetes.

Reduce Stress

We all know that stress releases cortisol, which puts all the hormones out of balance including the insulin produced by your pancreas. This hormonal imbalance can further complicate an already existing diabetic condition in the body.

How To Reverse Diabetes

By cutting down on stress and trauma, you can protect your body from developing insulin resistance. Make sure you also reduce stress in your body by taking in quality sleep every night.

Blood Sugar Monitoring

If you have diabetes, blood sugar monitoring will become an important and integral part of your routine. You will have to check your blood sugar levels at least twice a day. Note down your baseline insulin levels and how it changes during the day and after every meal. This will give you an idea of how much food you are consuming, where to eat more and where to cut down. This enables you to exercise control over your condition and manage diabetes.

Eat More of Veggies and Fruits

Again, you will have to exercise caution here and eat fruits and veggies that are not too high on carbs, starch and sugar. Very high levels of sugars are found in bananas, mangoes and chikoos so these fruits are to be avoided at all costs. Eat apples, appears and citrus fruits as snacks. Healthy snacks, which consist of small portions of fruits, salads and nuts, are excellent for keeping blood sugar levels under control.

Always Be Prepared for Emergencies

If you are likely to grapple with the problem of high blood pressure, another problem that could arise is hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar from not eating meals at the proper time. In order to prevent this, always carry a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit in a zip lock bag. This will serve as an emergency snack option especially when you feel your blood sugar levels dipping.