How To Stay Thin During Menopause

How To Stay Thin During Menopause

How To Stay Thin During Menopause Menopause many not be the most pleasant experience in life. Women go through hormonal fluctuations and this can play havoc with their body and mind. Whilst it is not possible to stop menopause and the symptoms, there are many ways by which you can control them.

Weight gain is one of the most common menopause problems that affect women. Most women find that the hormonal imbalance causes weight gain in the middle section which can be very unsightly and disturbing.

This weight gain is not associated with excess food intake. Fortunately, weight gain due to menopause can also be controlled by following a few definite steps and women can remain thin while attaining menopause.

Ways To Stay Thin During Menopause

Consult A Doctor

Schedule a visit to the doctor if you have gained a lot of weight. At times, the weight gain can be due to other problems as well like thyroid issues. A thorough medical check up will help you understand your heath situation induce you to take needed steps to combat and control the weight gain.

Well Balanced Diet

Reducing foods high in saturated fats and eating low fat foods like fruits and vegetables help in controlling the weight gain to a great extent. You must aim at a well balanced diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


A well balanced diet helps in keeping your body healthy by providing all the right nutrients and also keeping you thin and svelte.


During menopause, many women find weight gain a serious issue. The hormone fluctuations in the body slow down the metabolic rate that makes the weight gain around the abdominal region difficult to control. Burning calories become extremely difficult during menopause.


To combat the weight gain, exercise must be incorporated in your daily routine. Cardiovascular exercises like walking, running etc. not only help you burn those extra calories, but also help you to stay heart healthy.

Stay Away from Caffeine

Caffeine is known to cause fluid retention in the body and many women mistake fluid retention for weight gain. It is important to stay away from coffee and other caffeinated products to keep water retention under control.

Stay Away from Caffeine

You must also drink plenty of water at this time to encourage urination and prevent bloating.  Drinking water will help in keeping the body well hydrated and encouraging the flushing out of excess fat as well.


The most important quality that you must possess in order to remain thin and happy is to have the motivation to do something and achieve what you dream of.

Depression and a feeling of worthlessness will not help you in any way and will only lead you to a life of unhappiness and seclusion. Make sure that you cultivate the right attitude by practising yoga and meditation for mental stimulation.


Once you feel your worth, you will be able to work towards your goals and fulfil your dreams without inhibitions. Staying thin during menopause is in no way an easy task. But if you have a will and a way, why not?