How To Stop Prolonged Period Bleeding

How To Stop Prolonged Period Bleeding

There is no remedy to stop the flow of blood in periods completely. But to a certain extent the duration and amount of bleeding can be reduced with the help of some methods. If the problem of menstrual flow is persistent then it can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome or endometriosis. Some of the methods that can be adopted to reduce the bleeding are given here:

Methods To Reduce Period Bleeding

1. NSAID Drugs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications help to reduce the menstrual flow. Some of the recommended drugs for this are ibuprofen, naproxen and acetaminophen. You can take these drugs in consultation with the gynecologist as she will suggest you the appropriate dosage.

2. Estrogen Hormone

The pills or injections of the hormone estrogen help to stop menstruation. This hormone is available in medical stores. This should be taken only in consultation with a gynecologist so that the level of estrogen in the body remains balanced.

3. Cramp Bark

The herb cramp bark helps to reduce the menstrual flow and cramps. But it should be taken in moderate quantity.

4. Shepherd’s Purse

This herb is very effective for the treatment of heavy periods and postpartum hemorrhage and give relief from the contractions of the uterus. However, this herb may lead to drowsiness and increase in blood pressure in some women.Yarrow and raspberry are two other effective herbal remedies that help to stop the occurrence of the periods.

5. Use Of Birth Control Pills

The regular intake of birth control pills helps to change the menstrual cycle. These active pills help to skip the periods when you will skip the inactive pills. The whole cycle of the period can be avoided with the help of birth control pills. This is explained with the help of an example. Females who take Seasonale pill will have their periods four times in a year and after every three months. The doctor will advise you to take 84 active pills and then inactive pills for the duration of seven days.

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6. Insertion Of IUD

IUD is a device that is inserted by the gynecologist into the cervix of the uterus. This device secretes progesterone regularly for the prevention of pregnancy. When the women use this device then the occurrence of periods stops in most of them.

7. Avoid The Use Of Strong Antibiotics

Some of the strong antibiotics like aspirin increases the flow during menstruation and also increases the duration of the periods also. So it is advised to avoid taking these antibiotics especially when you are approaching your menstrual cycle or you are having your menstrual cycle.

8. Change In Diet

The water intake should be increased and nutritious diet should be taken. You should not take spicy and fast food. The amount of sugar you take should be reduced as it will help to slow down the menstruation process. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will help to decrease the bleeding during the periods.

The increased intake of water will help you to clean any kind of infection in the body. The coriander seeds and parsley should be taken. While you are menstruating you should totally avoid greasy and fatty foods as these food stuff increases the flow of blood.