3 Ways To Stop Recurring Yeast Infections

Yeast Infections

Irrespective of caste, region, creed and nationality, women of almost all sorts stand at the risk of attaining yeast infections. The symptoms associated with this ailment can result in immense amount of discomfort and irritation to the sufferer.

The hallmark symptoms of yeast infections are excessive itching and irritation in private parts. Appearance of rashes, burning sensation and pain in affected areas are also then signs of yeast infections.

An array of factors like poor immunity, inadequate nutrition, excessive stress, use of certain medications, etc. are few among the suspected causes of this infection. Those who suffer from flareups frequently are known to suffer from recurring yeast infections. However, by administering proper care and taking certain precautions, one can prevent these outbursts.

How To Stop Recurring Yeast Infections

Seek Medical Assistance To Stop Recurring Yeast Infections

Long term solution for this infection is treating the root cause of the disease. Most sufferers tend to take medicines to relieve from the symptoms associated with yeast infection. But such solutions are temporary and one can expect flareups again. So you can seek medical assistance and find the root cause of your problem.

Medical Assistance

Your doctor might ask you all sorts of questions to get a clear idea about your medical history and your lifestyle. You might have to undergo certain medical examinations as well.

These will determine the exact cause of your condition. Then you can discuss the various treatment options with your doctor. He/she will prescribe the right kind of medicines for your condition to eliminate the infection from the core.

Dietary Amendments To Stop Recurring Yeast Infections

Apart from seeking medical supervision, ensure that you play your part in preventing recurring yeast infections. It is advised to consume at least a cup of yogurt everyday to minimize the chances of yeast infections. The lactobacillus bacteria present in yogurt kills the harmful bacteria associated with yeast infections.

Dietary Amendments

A fiber rich diet containing plenty of wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables is ideal for keeping such infections at bay. Refrain from having foods rich in sugars as these are known to worsen yeast infections. Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily to flush out all sorts of wastes, toxins and unwanted substances from the body.

It also helps minimize yeast infection flareups and hence you should make certain that you have ample amount of water throughout the day.

Things To Remember To Stop Recurring Yeast Infections

Wearing loose fitted and comfortable clothing made of good fabrics prevents yeast infections. Those who lead a stressed life have low immunity and this can elevate their chances of acquiring yeast infections.

Practicing meditation, breathing exercises etc. keeps you calm and composed. This in turn eliminates stress and strengthens the immune system as well. At least half an hour of physical activity also helps improve the efficiency of immune system.


Usage of some scented products, detergents, birth control pills and certain medications can also trigger yeast infections. Under such circumstances, you will have to get rid of such triggering substances to keep yeast infections at bay.

Refrain from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking etc. as these can worsen your condition. Also make sure that you keep your private areas clean and dry at all times.