How To Stop Your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle

Many times women come across excruciating circumstances in their lives when they wish they could do away with the menstrual cycle for a month at least. The reasons can be many; an important exam or an interview, a long adventurous vacation, a family wedding or even your own wedding.

Whatever your reason, advances in the medical sciences have made it easy for women to stop or delay their menstrual cycle with medicines that are available over-the-counter.

Reasons To Stop Periods

Before you go about popping any pill that your local drug store sells, consult a doctor. Your doctor will wish to know the reason. Answer truthfully if you want the best and correct medical advice. Hormonal pills are an easy solution but are not always safe especially for women who are young and of child-bearing age.

Based on your reason for stopping the periods, the doctor will help you decide the pill that is best for your condition. Hormonal pills vary in their chemical composition and what is good for one woman may not be good for another.

Is Stopping/Delaying Menstruation A Good Idea?

There is no correct answer for this question. It is not always good to mess with mother- nature. This is especially true for women who often make use of these pills. However, today medical science is at its pinnacle and there are some very good medications available that have little or negligible side effects.

When you speak to your doctor, he/she will let you know about these side effects. The side effects can range from slight bloating to nausea. In extreme cases, regular use of the pills can cause infertility and osteoporosis at an older age. The good part about these hormonal pills is that once they are out of your system, your periods will return to their normal cycle.

Tips On How To Stop Periods

During your online search you will come across all sorts of articles giving you strange solutions on how to stop your periods. For your own safety, it is best not to try them out. Any medication, apart from the prescribed one, can be detrimental to your overall well-being. Like mentioned earlier, it is best to consult a doctor than take advice from friends and self-proclaimed online doctors. We will list out a few options that your doctor will give you on how to delay your periods.

1. Contraceptive Pills

These are birth control pills that contain hormones. In order to stop your periods you must begin taking one pill every day 28 days prior to the cycle that needs to be stopped. However, you don’t need to take the placebo tablets once you are done with one pack of contraceptive pills. Continue taking the contraceptive pills for as long as you want to delay your periods.

2. Progesterone Pills

The hormone progesterone is available in pill form in many drug stores. Progesterone pills need to be taken thrice a day for as long as you want to delay your periods. Your cycle will resume within a couple of days of stopping the pill. Taking this pill has some side effects that include spotting and bleeding.

3. Depo-Provera Shot

This shot is specifically meant for contraception purposes. However, it also stops your periods for three months. After three months you will have to take another shot to stop your periods.