How To Stop Your Period

how To Stop Your Period Heavy and long periods are highly inconvenient for a lot of women. Many of them would rather not have them especially during pivotal and important events like a sports function, honeymoon or an adventure trip.

Having your period during these times is a hassle, takes the pleasure out of activities and causes acute discomfiture. If you have been suffering from a medical condition like endometriosis, you would like to have some temporary reprieve from your agony.

Top Tips To Stop Your Period

Contraceptive Pill

One of the best ways to stop your period or get a very light period is with the help of contraceptive pills. These are available at the prescription of a doctor. In order to not get the period at all, continue with each pack of pills one after the other without taking a break or using the placebo pills.

It is wise to first consult with your doctor though on the safety of this technique as well as your well being. It is a good idea to take breaks in between as it is harmful to continuously be on these pills for a very long time.


Most women suffering from heavy bleeding due to endometriosis are asked or advised to get pregnant. Once the necessary treatment to curtail the bleeding has been undertaken the woman will be encouraged to get pregnant.

Get Pregnant With Endometriosis

Strangely pregnancy resolves many a gynecological problems like PCOD and endometriosis. This is a long term method of stopping your period.

Progesterone Pills

If you want to delay your menstruation by 2-3 days, it is a good idea to take progesterone pills. These pills need to be taken thrice a day for as long as you do not want your period.

Once you stop taking the pills, the period will return within 2-3 days. Most women athletes take recourse to this measure especially during important gaming events.

Depo Provera

Depo provera is a hormonal injection or shot given to women as a contraceptive. Women who take it are period free for at least three months.

Different Types Of Fibroids Treatments

They can also indulge in unprotected intercourse without having to fear a pregnancy. However some women suffer from serious side effects.

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Ibuprofen does a good job of giving you a very light and painless period. You will have to start taking the tablets one day prior and take it after an interval of 6 hours at least for the first day of your period.

This allows you to have a pain free experience especially if you are going through a stressful time at work or have to meet deadlines. Speak to your doctor first.

Eat Well And Exercise

Light Exercises

While this is not a remedy for stopping your period, it has great benefits. It not only regularizes your cycle, but also gives you a short, light and painless period. It’s a good idea to eat a nourishing diet and habitually work out for hassle free periods.


In very severe cases of heavy bleeding and fibroids, the woman’s uterus is completely removed. This is called a hysterectomy and is done as a last recourse. Once the procedure is carried out, the woman will no longer get a period.