How To Talk To Your Parents About Birth Control

It has been found that teenagers or even adults hesitate in discussing birth control methods with their parents. This is not good. Not discussing birth control with parents can lead to unplanned pregnancy, which may pose serious problems in future. It is very important for a teenager to understand about responsible sex.

Doing this also helps in protecting the health. Most of unprotected sex cases that are reported today are just because of the hesitation of teenagers to discuss birth control with their parents. Some of the reasons due to which children are not able to discuss birth control with their parents are embarrassment, anxiety and anticipated reaction of parents. Though it is a sensitive topic, teenagers must discuss about birth control with their parents.

How To Talk To Your Parents About Birth Control

For talking about birth control with the parents, a teenager should adopt a right approach. First of all, all the relevant topics should be known and memorized. This helps in having a detailed discussion with the parents. Many times, due to nervousness and anxiety, teenagers forget important issues to be discussed with parents about birth control. Proper memorization helps a lot in this regard.

Once important topics have been memorized, a teenager must try that there is a natural segue into the discussion. This can be done in many ways. For example, topic can be started by discussing various advertisements and commercials that educate about different types of birth control methods. Discussing these issues help in making a perfect platform for further conversation. Also, topic of birth control should be started in a casual way.

Choosing right time for discussion is as important as memorizing different topics. Thus, a teenager must choose a time when parents are alone in the room or home. It is also necessary that they generally remain in a good mood in the chosen time period. Since discussion can go long, it is also necessary that parents have ample time to answer all the questions and queries. It has been seen that most of teenagers approach their parents for discussion when they are about to sleep. This is not recommended as parents may not be able to discuss about birth control in detail.

However, weekend is an exception, as parents can devote time easily for discussing this issue with their children. While approaching parents, it must be ensured that there would be no distractions or interruptions. If parents have any obligations to complete, they should be allowed to complete those first so that a detailed discussion can take place.

When discussion starts, parents may like to know for the reason of that discussion. A teenager must behave like a matured person in this regard and should tell parents that only a proactive approach is being followed for good health. Telling this would make parents think that their child has become responsible.

Throughout the discussion, parents must be given due respect. Even if parents become upset over any issue in the starting or found disagreed on certain issues, a child must remain calm. Shouting at parents or fighting with them can spoil the entire discussion.