How To Talk To Your Parents About Breast Augmentation Surgery

breast augmentaion surgery While contemplating breast augmentation surgery, you should do lots of research and weigh its risks against rewards. Cosmetic surgery like breast augmentation surgery has been gaining popularity with the use of state-of-the-art technological procedures involving minimum risks, as well as producing best results.

Though the rewards of breast augmentation surgery far outweigh the risks, still you should think seriously about the side effects and possible complications before going under the scalpel.

Once you have decided to go for the breast augmentation surgery you need to overcome few hurdles, and talking to your parents regarding this surgery is perhaps the toughest one. Not a single parent will allow his or her child to go under the surgeon’s scalpel and that too for a cosmetic concern. Do sufficient homework and prepare yourself well before opening up to your parents.

Convince Yourself Before You Convince Your Parents:

You should convince yourself before talking to your parents regarding this matter. You have every right to enhance your appearance especially when sophisticated beauty treatments are readily available. Ask few questions to yourself before heading towards breast augmentation.

Do you seriously need to improve your breast size or are you being swayed by the glitz and glamour of the celebrities? Are you often driven by whims and fancies? Are you mentally prepared to face the undesirable consequences of this surgery? You may think that you are emotionally prepared for every outcome, but in reality things may not be that easy. If your breast size seriously affects your appearance and personality, then it is quite reasonable to go for breast augmentation surgery. Obviously, you cannot overemphasize the risks of breast augmentation surgery than the gains.

Select The Right Time To Talk To Your Parents:

Timing is very important for any action. Look for the right time to discuss this serious matter with your parents. Never talk to your parents about this matter when they are stressed or tensed. Observe their mood and talk only when you find them in right spirits.

Confide In Your Mother:

You can open up to your mother first if you do not feel comfortable enough to talk to your father. Your mother will understand your problem better than your father does. You can also seek support from your sister. You will gain confidence in talking to your father with the combined support of your mother and sister. Do not expect an affirmative response from your mother instantly, but she will not reject your proposal either.

Cite Authentic Evidences:

Your arguments in favor of the breast augmentation surgery should be duly supported by documented evidences. Your reasoning should be based strongly on your personal requirements without following the footsteps of celebrities. Collect authentic research notes and documents about this surgery to support your ideas. Suggestions from renowned cosmetic surgeons, medical reports and statistics will provide additional support in your favor. Explain them clearly the procedure of surgery, its outcome, its side effects and the possible risk factors. Talk to them regarding the expenses, as many parents will not be willing to shell out a handsome amount for this expensive surgery.

Maintain Your Composure:

Be mentally prepared for a stern and negative response from your parents. Parents are happy with the natural appearance of their child, and they just do not find any reason why to go for breast augmentation surgery. Keep your cool and restrict your verbal arguments. If you find the situation is going out of control, postpone the discussion. You need to be patient enough to earn their consent.

Talking to your parents may not yield the desired result at the first attempt, but you should not give up. Renew your talks with your parents after some time and observe their reaction. Take them to any reputed cosmetic surgeon for necessary suggestions. Your parents will give due importance to your proposal. Do not take any bold step disregarding your parents’ views, even if you are economically self sufficient.