How To Tell Your Family And Friends You Have Ovarian Cancer

Getting diagnosed with ovarian cancer would be a heart wrenching experience for you. If you have been diagnosed with the terminal stages of ovarian cancer, then the matters become even more grave. At this stage, coping with the condition required great courage and mental strength. It is very important for you to have the support and care of your near and dear ones.

Therefore, if you have not broken the ill news to them, it becomes a necessity to do so now. The love and care that your friends and relatives can offer cannot be in any way substituted as they are the people who can offer you strength to move on and face the disease courageously. A strong mental attitude helps in getting over the disease, even if you are in the terminal stage of cancer. Here are some ways to let your friends and relatives know that you have ovarian cancer.

Ways To Tell Your Family And Friends You Have Ovarian Cancer

If you have been putting it off fearing about the reaction of your near and dear ones, it is important to put aside your doubts and think about how bad they would feel if they found out from others. The longer you put it off, the more difficult and stressful it becomes for you, which is not good for your condition at all.

If there are kids involved, you might want to think twice before letting them know about your condition. Smaller kids would react violently or may not understand the full implication of what they hear. If you have bigger and mature kids who would understand the situation, make sure you let them know by explaining to them as gently as possible.

Letting your friends and relatives into your condition need not necessarily mean that you have to let everyone know. You can choose a few in whom you would like to confide in. There would be relatives and friends who would be prone to criticism and spread negativity around you which is best avoided when you have a life threatening condition like cancer.

It is also important for you to be prepared to accept varying reactions to the news. Near and dear ones may react in a completely different manner than you expect. They could be hurt, angry, violent, devastated or passive and accepting many of these reactions needs strength from your part as well.

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Deal with the situation in a mature way. Your family may need support as well to come to terms with the difficult news. Understand their difficulty in handling the news and remain calm and supportive. Just as you need their care and love, they too need you to be strong and optimistic.

Explain to them the stage of cancer you are in and how best they can help you get over it with minimal mental and physical trauma. Together, you can fight the cancer, whichever stage you may be suffering from Cancer is a disease that requires immense will power and a stress free environment to survive. The power of friends and relatives is very important in coming out of the cancer.

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