How To Treat A UTI At Home

UTI or ‘Urinary Tract Infection is an infection of the bacteria that invades and multiplies in the urinary track causing symptoms like irritation, vaginal secretion and burning of the urethra. In extreme cases of infection, mild fever has also been reported.

While UTI is not a life-threatening disease, repeated infection of the Urinary tract will damage the excretory system to some extent. Here are some simple ways that will help you to learn how to treat a UTI at home.

Drink Water

Water is the most natural and easy treatment available for UTI. If you are prone to UTI infection then ensure that you never remain dehydrated. Water being a natural anti-oxidant also helps to flush out toxins from the body. Take thirteen to fifteen glasses of boiled or treated water daily. Water cleanses the urinary tract and helps to flush out the toxins secreted by bacteria. While water alone will not be able to eliminate all the bacteria cells from the tract, taking Cranberry juice along with water will help to reduce the concentration of the infection to a large extent.

Cranberry especially affects the bacterial cell as it loosens its grip from the walls of the urinary tract. The juice has properties that prevent multiplication of the bacterial cells in the tract. Taken together with water, Cranberry juice and water therapy flushes the infecting bacterial cells away from the body.

Keep The Urinary Tract Clean

Prevention is the best way of treating any kind of infection. UTI is infectious and is an air borne disease. Using unclean toilets at public places or keeping the region in and around the tract unclean, causes urinary infection. It is advisable that use clean toilets and always flush them before using. Wash your excretory organs every time you go to the bathroom. This prevents the infection from manifesting into the tract. Wear neat and clean underwear.

Maintain Acidic Nature Of Urinary Tract

A part of the cleansing process of the urinary tract, acidic nature of the tract will prevent the bacteria cells from infecting and multiplying throughout the system. Cranberry juice contains citric acid. Therefore, besides helping to flush out the infectious cells, the fruit juice will also help to maintain the acidic nature of the tract. Like cranberry, blueberries as well as pineapples are easy sources of citric acid.

If you are unable to procure such fruits then Vitamin C supplements will do the desired work for you. A daily intake of at least five thousand milligrams of Vitamin C will ensure the acidic nature of the urinary tract, making it inhabitable for the bacteria cells.

Avoid Unprotected Sex

UTI can also spread from unprotected sex. Using a condom is the best way of preventing the spread of the disease. The other feasible way out would be to wash your genitals every time before and after you have sex. This prevents the bacteria from entering the urinary tract. How to treat a UTI at home has some very easy solutions and can be practiced without the fear of any allergic reaction or side effects.