How To Treat Bacterial Vaginitis Naturally

The vagina is one organ which self-cleans on a daily basis. This is primarily due to the presence of beneficial bacteria like lactobacillus. They maintain the moisture and ph levels of the vagina and also keep the harmful bacteria at bay.

Over a period of time the good bacteria may decrease in quantity. This could be due to poor health, an inadequate diet and sexual promiscuity that puts women at risk of developing bacterial infections. Bacterial vaginitis is an infection of the vagina that leads to burning, itching and a foul smelling discharge. It occurs because there is an imbalance or shortfall of beneficial bacteria.

The condition can be treated by your local doctor with the help of antibiotics. But the antibiotics do nothing to raise the level of beneficial bacteria that are vital to the health of the vagina. Most women hence, suffer from recurrent infections. Following basic self care and these natural remedies can nip Bacterial Vaginitis in the bud.


Probiotics are living micro organisms that are present in certain foods and found to be compatible and beneficial to the recipient host. They inhibit the growth of disesase causing micro organisms. Some of these are found in milk products like curd. One way of restoring the good bacteria is by eating a lot of curd on a daily basis. Curd has the active culture of the lactobaccilus bacteria that keeps the vagina clean and in good health. You can also apply a spoonful of curd in and around the vagina to promote bacterial growth.

Consuming Garlic

Garlic is loaded with disease fighting properties. By consuming a lot of garlic on a daily basis one can ward off harmful bacteria present in the gut, intestines or vagina and improve the ph levels of the body. Consume four to five pods of garlic daily by using it as an active ingredient in recipes.

Personal Hygiene

Maintain scrupulous levels of personal hygiene. Wash your vagina with warm water regularly. Avoid douching as it strips your vagina of beneficial bacteria. Wear cotton panties and never touch your privates with dirty hands.

Consume Tea

Tea especially the herbal variety like chamomile and green tea are rich in antioxidants and polyphenols and help restore the good bacteria. You can also insert a cool tea bag to reduce swelling and itching around the vagina.

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Eat Well

Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and juices. These help in flushing our harmful bacteria from the body and preventing the occurrence of Bacterial Vaginitis.

Avoid Promiscuity

Women who have multiple sex partners are more prone to developing Bacterial Vaginitis. Chances of getting an infection from the partner are higher. Women will also be better off practicing safe sex and insisting on the use of condoms.


A teaspoon of vinegar keeps the vagina healthy and aids in faster recovery if you are suffering from Bacterial Vaginitis. Add a teaspoon to your daily food and curries or just put a tablespoon of vinegar in tepid water before a bath. Soak in this bath for ten to fifteen minutes. If you follow the above steps religiously you have higher chances of preventing a bacterial infection. There will also be lesser chances of it recurring.