How To Treat Body Acne While Pregnant

Body Acne While Pregnant

Body acne can be a real problem to deal with. When you are pregnant, the problem becomes worse because of the over stimulation of oil glands due to increased progesterone and androgen levels. Many women who are pregnant are caught off guard when they get body acne as they have never got them before.Treating them during pregnancy can be a difficult preposition as the creams and ointments available over the counter may not be safe. Here are some effective ways to treat body acne during pregnancy without causing harm to the foetus.

Treating Body Acne With Medication

Antibacterial Cleansers

Antibacterial Cleansers Reduce Body Acne

Body acne can be cleansed with anti bacterial cleansers two times a day to reduce its severity. Though body acne during pregnancy is mostly due to hormonal action, it can still be that the acne can cause bacteria to get trapped in the pores and spread to other areas. Using an antibacterial cleanser will help prevent accumulation of bacteria, dirt and oil on the skin and pores and cause body acne.

Medications With Glycolic Acid

Medications For Body Acne

Unlike medications with benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which are deemed unsafe for the foetus, glycolic acid is a safe preparation that can be used during pregnancy for treating body acne. Glycolic acid medications are available as over the counter formulations for treating body acne topically during pregnancy.

Use Natural Remedies

Aloe vera For Body Acne

Pregnancy is the time when every medication that you take or ointment you use has to be taken seriously as it can case anomalies in the foetal development. There are many natural medications that can be safely used during pregnancy for treating body acne. Aloe vera can be taken from the aloe stalk and directly applied on the body acne without any worry.Turmeric is another safe remedy that can be used for treating body acne and removing bacteria from the skin surface. Make a paste with water and apply on the acne. Apple cider vinegar is yet another safe and natural remedy that can be used for treating body acne during pregnancy.

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Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate Your Skin To Reduce Body Acne

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to treat and prevent body acne without the use of medication. Using a loofah for scrubbing your skin gently will help in removing the dirt and oil that has settled into the pores. Dead skin cells on the skin too can clog the pores and cause body acne during pregnancy.Exfoliation will remove dead cells and dirt which are immediate threats to acne formation. Apply turmeric paste first and allow it to dry. After this, moisten your skin and use a loofah for gentle exfoliation. This will take care of bacteria that can settle on the pores and cause inflammatory body acne.


Steaming To Reduce Body Acne

Steaming can be done as a preventive method and also for treating acne during pregnancy. Steaming will open the pores and the grime and dirt along with the bacteria that has settled into the pores, causing body acne, can be removed, thereby preventing aggravation. Steam 2-3 days a week to keep the skin clear and also to remove any nasal blockages that could be affecting you during pregnancy.