6 Home Remedies To Treat Dizziness

Home Remedies To Treat Dizziness

Feeling dizzy is not something that can be termed as a disease. Dizziness can be caused due to a variety of reasons that can be simple or sometimes the result of some really serious problems that lie undetected in your body.

Sometimes dizziness can just be because you have not taken enough food or water or due to pregnancy. Dizziness is caused when the brain function becomes sluggish and when the brain does not identify the signals sent by the various parts of the body.

All these symptoms are negligible if your dizziness is a once in a while affair. However, frequent spells of dizziness cannot be seen with a slack attitude as there could be some internal problem that your brain is trying to shift your attention to. Try these home remedies to see if you can put an end to dizziness.

Home Remedies To Treat Dizziness

1. Ginger

If your brain lacks proper blood circulation, even if it for a few minutes, you are sure to feel dizzy. To improve the blood circulation to the brain, chew on some ginger. This will make your body hot and improve the circulation of blood.


Ginger tea can also be prepared to treat dizziness. But it could take time and you might want to just chew on some ginger without wasting time.

2. Peppermint

When you feel dizzy, you start sweating profusely as well as your body is trying to cool itself. Help your body by chewing some fresh mint leaves.


Take a teaspoon of peppermint oil in case you do not have mint leaves at your disposal. This will immediately cool your body down. Lie down for some time after taking mint.

3. Water

Water too is good for cooling your body immediately when your body is overheated due to heat stroke or dehydration.


Water immediately helps you get back from dizziness. Gulp down two glasses of water when you are dizzy. Lie down after this and allow the body to recover from the spell.

4. Ice

Applying an ice compress at the nape of your neck too sometimes helps in removing dizziness from your body. Lie down on your back and keep the ice pack on your neck.


Allow the body to cool by leaving the pack for about 10 minutes or so. Lying down will also help the blood circulation to the brain to improve.

5. Potent Paste

This is a remedy that can be used for treating frequent dizziness. Make a paste of watermelon seeds, poppy seeds and almonds taken in equal quantities and after leaving them soaked overnight.

Potent Paste

Add some ghee in a pan and fry the paste. Crush 2 cloves as well and add to this mixture. This paste can be mixed with a glass of warm milk and taken every day morning until the dizziness is gone.

6. Saline

Sometimes dizziness can be caused when your nasal passages are closed and you feel giddy and extremely distressed. Add 1/4th teaspoon of salt and add it to a cup of warm water.


Clean the nasal passages by dropping this water through one nostril and allowing it to flush out through the other. Repeat until you feel that your nasal block is completely taken care of. This will take care of your dizziness as well.