5 Natural Ways To Treat Hot Flashes

Hot Flashes

The very name of hot flashes might be irritating and annoying to most of the women folks who are experiencing their menopause process. Menopause is yet another natural process that happens in the life of the woman and one of the most common symptoms is the hot flashes.

Hot flashes are nothing but the feeling of becoming red and experiencing a sudden, intense spread of hotness accompanied with rapid heartbeat. Along with this redness that is noticeable in your upper body, you may also feel anxious, exhausted and suffocated.

What Causes Hot Flashes?

During the menopauses phase, there is constant change in the hormonal levels in your body. One of the most important hormones that drop during this process is estrogen which has a direct effect on the hypothalamus in the brain. Due to this sudden drop in the estrogen level, the hypothalamus reads the signal “too hot”. This is then transmitted by the brain to the body, to decrease the heat and hence all the parts of your body namely the blood vessels, heart, nervous system start functioning to reduce the heat from the body. Hence, you experience the red hot feeling all of a sudden and trust me at times is can be really difficult to manage.

How To Treat Them Naturally?

Avoid The Items That Can Trigger The Hot Flashes

What you need to do is to first identify the things that stimulate these hot flashes. Keep a record of when they occur, after what they occur etc. You can maintain something like a trigger chart and derive at something.

Avoid Smoking & Drinking

Mostly it would be due to pressure and anxiety so try to relax, take breaks and chill yourself out. Apart from these, certain substances that you can avoid are alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods, smoking and anything that is hot!

Cotton Wear

Cotton Wear

Try to wear clothes that are made of cotton and avoid synthetic material, woolen clothes and ensure that there is a lot of air circulation for your body. Remember you should keep yourself cool.



It is always recommended to ensure that you exercise regularly to keep your body fit and healthy. Simple exercises such as walking, jogging can help you manage hot flashes. At your work place, take the stairs rather than the lift or elevator. Apart from this you can perform relaxation techniques and stress relieving moves that are a part and parcel of yoga.

Herbal Remedies

You can take in evening prim rose oil thrice daily or you can prepare a lotion that would reduce your hot flashes. You need a teaspoon each of don quai root, cohosh root, sarsaparilla root,licorice root ,chaste root and ginseng root extracts.

Evening PrimRose Oil

Mix all of these and take 3 drops daily. It is proved to be every effective to reduce hot flashes. Another point to be kept in mind is that you should always keep yourself hydrated. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.


Yet another stress relieving technique is meditation. It is always the best natural way to cure any kind of problem since it gives your peace of mind. The techniques such as effexor and paxil have proved to be highly beneficial to manage hot flashes.


So you can try out of the above naturally healing techniques to effectively manage hot flashes but make sure that take care of yourself properly.