5 Ways To Treat Menopause Pain

Menopause Pain

Menopause is the termination of menstrual discharge in women. It tends to occur in an around the age of 45 years. Menopause causes dizziness, mood swings due to hormonal changes, sweating, high blood pressure and most important of them all agonizing pain in your joints and general aching of the whole body. It has been seen that the pains become more significant post menopause.

Menopause like puberty is a natural part of the cycle of life and like everything else there are several ways to face the repercussions caused by it. Here are a few methods which might assist you in alleviating pain caused by menopause.

How To Treat Menopause Pain

Exercising And Yoga

It has been seen that menopausal pains are generally caused in joints and this pain gets amplified if you have very stiff joints. Exercising helps make your muscles more flexible and thus reduces the severity of the pain. Certain yoga asana are designed specifically to help alleviate pain in the joints.


Keeping your body fit in general is also vital in facing this phase of your life. Maintaining a healthy weight also helps decrease the chances of you getting arthritis. However you shouldn’t strain your muscles too much. Consult a professional regarding the exercises you can undertake.

Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy balanced diet can go a long way in helping reduce your pain. It is important for women in passing through this phase to consume specific food to make their organs function properly and reduce the symptoms of menopause. Most of the menopause symptoms are caused due to decrease in the amount of estrogen.

Healthy Diet

Thus you should try and consume plant foods like soy, alfalfa, garlic, oats, orange and others which help increase the amount of estrogen and progesterone in the body. You should eat fewer proteins, less sugar, no alcohol and less salt too. You may want to try and cut down on your coffee as well. It may sound difficult but a little self control is all you need to save yourself from all the pain menopause can cause.

Homeopathy And Over The Counter Drugs

Homeopathic medicines are very useful in alleviating menopausal pain. Over the counter drugs also help provide fast relief. But often this is not very lasting.


Homeopathic remedies include use of graphites, thuy, ignatia, lachesis mutus which is snake and so on.


Phytotherapy is the use of herbs to reduce menopausal symptoms. Herbs serve as the best natural medicine to alleviate pain and fatigue. Herbs like sage which has been used since the time of our ancestors has now been scientifically proved to be helpful in alleviating pain.


Other herbs which may help in these cases are hawthorn, raspberry, mellisa, olive, passiflora and gingko.


Though it may be hard to believe but aromatherapy helps soothe your body muscles and thus makes your joint aches more bearable. A good hot bath might do that as well.


Use of sage and lemon balm oil helps relax your nervous system and induces sleep. All in all it rejuvenates your mind and revitalizes your energy giving you fresh strength to overcome your pain and go about your daily life.