How To Treat Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

How To Treat Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

How To Treat Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion Moxibustion is an ancient fire heat treatment method in which heat is used for stimulating specific points in the body. There are many types of therapies that are done using this treatment method.

Moxibustion can also be used for treating menstrual cramps, which are not only common but also discomforting. About 70-80% of women complains about menstrual cramps and takes different types of medications for treating it. Basic idea behind all types of moxibustion treatments is that heat is capable of moving stagnant energy in the body, as a result of which, immune response is prompted.

Moxibustion also helps in increasing the blood circulation. Many women have reported that this type of treatment offers immediate relief against painful cramps.

How To Treat Menstrual Cramps With Moxibustion

For treating menstrual cramps, moxa sticks are used. These sticks are generally sold as wrapped stick. Before using, these sticks have to be peeled off carefully so that a woman has enough peel on the stick to hold it comfortably. In case, entire wrapper has been removed, some cloth or heat insulator has to be used for holding.

After removing wrapper from half part of moxa stick, open end is lighted with the help of lighter or a matchbox. As a result, end of stick starts burning. For using, flame at the end of stick is blown out so that end of stick starts smoking. Since this stick has to be used on the abdominal area, in which cramps are reported, all types of clothing on this area should be removed.

Clothes should be removed in such a manner that body area from pubic bone to lower part of ribs is exposed. If a woman does not feel comfortable in doing it herself, she can take help from others. Afterwards, smoking moxa stick is moved over the entire exposed abdominal area. In no case, smoking end of stick should touch the skin. Rather, stick is kept about half an inch away from the skin.

Since moxa sticks are generally available as flattened sticks, it must be ensured that stick is lying in a horizontal position above the abdominal area. This is done by holding the moxa stick flat. This stick should be waved continuously so that entire abdominal area gets the heat.

Normally, moxa sticks are waved for a duration of fifteen to twenty minutes. Since menstrual cramps actually occur in area lying over the uterus, it must be given preference in waving the smoking moxa stick.

A woman must ensure that movement of stick is producing a warming effect on the skin. In some cases, due to continuous waving of moxa stick, skin may become slightly red. This is very common and thus, a woman must not get bothered about the same. Once treatment is over, moxa stick is extinguished by rubbing the smoking end of stick in a sink or similar other surface. Remaining moxa stick can be saved for using it at a later date.

Maximizing The Benefits

For maximizing the benefits of moxibustion, a cup of chamomile tea should be consumed before the treatment. Many women have found this way of treating menstrual cramps as perfect. Similarly, after the treatment, a woman should try to take some rest.

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