How To Treat Vaginitis With Homeopathy

Vaginitis is caused when there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria inside the vagina. When the balance of the natural flora inside the vagina is disturbed which can be due to several reasons like lack of hygiene, multiple sexual partners, vaginal infections etc., the result is vaginitis.

Vaginitis can cause severe itching, inflammation, pain at the time of intercourse and urination, foul smelling discharge and sometimes bleeding as well. Several alternative treatment methods are very effective in treating vaginitis. Homeopathy too has several treatment methods that can treat vaginitis.

Ways To Treat Vaginitis With Homeopathy

1. Borax

Borax is used for treating various kinds of vaginitis like bacterial vaginitis. Borax is used when the vaginitis is typical with symptoms of a milky and watery discharge which is warm as well. Borax 30 C, which is a medium strong remedy can be taken every four hours 5 pills per dose. Continue this treatment until the symptoms recede and stop completely. Borax is also used for treating other vaginal infections like candidiasis and bleeding oral mucosa.

2. Arsenicum Albicum

Arsenicum albicum is suggested by homeopaths when the vaginitis shows symptoms like burning sensation along with vaginal discharge that is thin or thick and yellowish in colour and warm to feel. Arsenicum 30 C, a remedy that is medium in strength is prescribed for women as well as young girls affected by vaginitis. 2 pills are prescribed every two hours. This has to be continued until you take six doses of 2 pills each. After this, you can take two pills four times a day. Continue for five days by which time relief will be attained.

3. Sepia

Sepia can be used when the vaginitis is milky, yellowish or greenish in colour and followed by intense itching as well. This type of discharge can be a severe vaginitis and is normally found in women just before menstruation. Sepia 12X is suggested in such cases. Five pills have to be taken in a gap of one to four hours, depending on the severity of the infection. Continue treatment for five days and assess if the symptoms have reduced. If not, the strength of the dosage has to be increased. Sepia 30C can be taken with five pills in a gap of one to four hours, again depending on how severe the infection may be.

4. Calcera Carbonica

When the vaginitis is followed by very profuse and persistent discharge and is also accompanied by burning sensation and itching, Calcera carbonica is prescribed. This kind of profuse discharge normally occurs between a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Calcera carbonica 30C which is again medium in strength can be taken in a dosage of five pills every one to four hours. The treatment has to be continued until the symptoms disappear and you feel complete relief. Calcera carbonica is normally prescribed when the woman is obese.

Homeopathy is a relatively safe way of treating infections and diseases. However, one must still consult a registered homeopath in order to get the right dosage as higher dosages without a homeopath’s prescription can be harmful as well.