How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss

How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss

How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss Losing weight has become a Herculean task for many. One of the most effective ways to shed weight is by hypnotherapy. There are many reasons why a person could gain weight, hypnosis helps to get into the source of the issue and solve it.

What does Hypnosis do?

Mostly obesity is a result of a comfort eating. Comfort eating is a condition that arises because of depression, anxiety and emotional stress. Hypnotherapy helps to eliminate such stress and anxiety. Basically hypnosis aids the person to change their perception. This change in the perception is brought about by disassociating the person from the thoughts or incidents that has resulted in stress.

Disassociations also help people to get over some deeply rooted mental blocks. Once this is done the entire thought process is reframed and is associated with thoughts that help to shed weight. Hypnosis is a way to make the sub-conscious believe the change one wants to undergo.

Ways to Take Up the Treatment

The hypnosis treatment can be done in two ways.

Professional Treatment

Getting a treatment from a professional therapist is one way. One can choose this option if they have a complete trust on the therapist. In this case the therapist would decide the number of sessions that would be required to achieve the desired goal.


How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Self hypnosis is another method. In this method there would be pre recorded positive suggestions that one needs to listen to over and over again. Positive results can be achieved when the session is heard at least once a day. The more number of times the session is heard quicker is the process of shedding weight.

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Advantages of Hypnotherapy

Under hypnotherapy the mind is conditioned and there is a proper coordination between the mind and the body which results in the weight loss. In other cases the mind is not involved because of which there are many chances for the person to bounce back to the weight that they once were.

Say, for instance, surgery is one way of shedding the extra weight. However if the person who has undergone the surgery fails to have a control over the mind there will be absolutely no change in the tendency to put on weight making the entire process of surgery futile. Similarly there are several diets that enable to lose weight. Again here the person after the diet regime should have a control over the mind to maintain the weight else they are bound to gain weight.

How To Use Hypnosis For Weight Loss

This makes it evident that though the process hypnotherapy is slow, it is a permanent solution as the person knows to control the mind which is the main cause for obesity.

Reasons Why Hypnosis Fails

Hypnosis might not always give positive results. The primary case where hypnosis is not a viable option is when the person undertaking the therapy does not believe in it completely. The other instance where hypnosis cannot work is when the person has particular medical conditions. Conditions like an imbalance in the thyroid; insomnia; blood pressure curbs the chances of shedding weight.