How To Use Steam Bath For Weight Loss

Weight Loss

As obesity is a leading cause of various chronic health disorders such as diabetes, coronary artery disease and even certain cancers, more and more obese and overweight people nowadays are searching for easy ways to get rid of their excess body weight. While a low calorie diet and workouts are the best options for reducing the body weight, there are various other ways to lose weight naturally. Steam bath is one such option available that facilitates natural weight loss.

Steam bath not only helps you to unwind and ease your strained muscles and joints, it also aids in weight loss. Apart from fat, water comprises a significant amount of your body weight. A steam bath not only helps in speeding up loss of water weight, it also assists in breaking down the body fat.

Steam Bath Benefits For Weight Loss

Reduces Water Weight

For a quick weight loss fix, weight loss plans at the initial stage focus on decreasing the water weight. You may lose two to four pounds of your body weight in a short time by flushing out the excess water from your body by perspiring in the steam room.

Increases Metabolism

Steam bath also helps to rev up your metabolism, which helps your body to break down the fat reserve, thereby leading to permanent weight loss. By facilitating detoxification, steam bath helps in eliminating the toxins that slow down metabolism, which may contribute to the metabolism boosting effect of steam bath.

Improve Your Metabolism

How To Prepare For Steam Bath

To aid weight loss, take a steam bath on an empty stomach. To prevent dehydration, drink a glass of water before entering the steam room. Soak a towel in cold water, squeeze to remove the excess water and wrap the damp towel on your head. Sit in the steam room with minimal clothing.

How To Prepare For Steam Bath

How To Take Steam Bath

Once you start perspiring in the steam room, continue taking the steam bath at least for 15 minutes. Overweight and obese people can sit in the steam room for up to 30 minutes. Sprinkle cold water frequently on your head to protect your head from the heat. After completing the steam bath, take a cold shower to cool down your body.

Steam Bath

Things To Remember

While taking a steam bath, make sure that the temperature inside the room does not exceed 114-degrees, which can dehydrate your body. People with hypertension and heart diseases should consult their physician before taking a steam bath.