Importance Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Importance Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy

Importance Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy Pregnancy is a time to take special care when everything should be favorable for a healthy gestation and delivery of a healthy baby. Various nutrients and supplements become essential for you to take when you get pregnant so that your fetus develops into a healthy baby and the pregnancy progresses in a complication free manner.

Folic acid is an essential vitamin that has multiple positive effects on pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant then you can take folic acid or folate to assist you in getting pregnant and once you conceive it is important for you to keep continuing taking folate which will ensure to prevent various birth defects in your baby.

What is folic acid?

Folic acid is a vitamin which is precisely vitamin B9 found in green vegetables, orange juice and various grains. Folic acid can also be taken as supplements during pregnancy to enhance the supply of this highly essential vitamin.

Benefits of Folic Acid

Preventing Neural Tube Defects

Neural tube defects are serious birth defects that affect at least 3000 infants. Proper intake of folic acid up to 0.4 milligrams daily prior to and during pregnancy can ensure the prevention of serious birth defects like neural tube defects. Such birth defects occur just after conception during the first one month of pregnancy.

Benefits of Folic Acid

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Therefore, if you are considering pregnancy then you must begin to take folic acid to help you get pregnant fast and also to ensure that your baby is free from such defects. If you continuously take folic acid then even when during the first month of pregnancy most expectant mothers are unaware of their pregnancy you can ensure to prevent certain dangerous birth defects in your baby.

Promoting DNA and Cell Growth

The benefits of folic acid are due to its DNA forming capacities which promote cell growth, tissue formation and development that are most essential for the developing baby within the womb.

Protection Against Other Birth Defects

Folic acid can also prevent other birth defects like cleft lip and palate. Folic acid intake with proper care and nutrition can effectively prevent such birth defects.

Preventing Various Pregnancy Complications

Folic acid can also prevent various pregnancy complications thereby making it mandatory to take this vitamin from prenatal phase till delivery.

Preventing Various Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy induced high blood pressure, premature birth, low birth weight, low or improper development of baby within the uterus and also miscarriages can be avoided by the intake of proper amounts of folic acid.

Positive Effects on the Mother’s Health

Folic acid also has various benefits other than related to pregnancy. A woman taking folic acid will not only ensure multiple benefits for her baby but will also ensure protection for herself against stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and cancers.

Foods Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid can be consumed by taking rice, bread, cereals, pasta and leafy green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Asparagus, banana, oranges, orange juice, dried beans, peanuts and peas are also rich sources of folic acid.

Folic acid supplements should also be consumed as recommended by your doctor along with a proper balanced pregnancy diet that will ensure all essential nutrients to ensure a healthy complication free pregnancy