Important Facts About Contraceptive Pills And Pregnancy

Contraceptive Pills And Pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy in the previous stages that usually involve fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, and headache are usually mistaken as premenstrual symptoms, because of the sameness in the nature of symptoms.

The Effective Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Many women who are on emergency contraceptive pills continue to have the pills before they realize they are pregnant. As a matter of fact, if the contraceptive pills are taken right without any change in the schedule the percentage of getting pregnant is as low as 3 in 100 women.

If the pills are not consumed properly, 10 out of 100 women run the risk of being pregnant as per a research by a notable parenthood federation. The pills are rendered less efficient than medicines (anti-seizure medicines and Refampin) or medicines preventing yeast infection.

Contraceptive Pills And Pregnancy

Effects Of Contraceptive Pills

To learn about the side effects of consuming the emergency contraceptive pills while pregnant, we have to educate ourselves about its usage. The emergency contraceptive pills are processed, either to thicken the cervical mucus for preventing fertilization or, to protect to release of the egg.

Results of pregnancy tests at home don’t show you a fantastic deal. The signs of pregnancy are undoubtedly similar to pre menstrual symptom, which leads to confusion. If the signs persist without a span of time while you are on emergency contraceptive pills, you must get a pregnancy test done without any restrictions of not getting the appropriate result.

Pregnancy tests are processed to detect the hormone which increases if pregnancy occurs and it is not connected to progesterone and estrogens, the important components of contraceptive pills.

Common Tips On Miscarriage And Contraceptives

Continuing emergency contraceptive pills incidentally even after a pregnancy is confirmed would not lead to a miscarriage. Many researches have been applied on this topic, which again confirms the knowing, that no relation could be determined between increased fatal death rate, and the consumption of superficial hormones like progesterone, and estrogens as found in the emergency contraceptive pills.

The intake of emergency contraceptive pills in the previous stages of pregnancy has not been related to any birth defect. There is no substantial evidence for any link between the contraceptive pills and pregnancy.

Common Tips On Miscarriage And Contraceptives

However, some research has recommended that the consumption of progesterone pill leads to an increasing risk of ectopic pregnancy. Women who prefer to be on emergency contraceptive pill while experiencing pregnancy more severe pregnancy signs such as nausea, vomiting, bloating than those who do not.

Pills Are Not Abortive

Contraceptive pills are not abortive and do not result in disturbing a pregnancy. A large dose of emergency contraceptive pills, used within 3-2 days of having unsafe sex can work as a contraceptive, but it is essential to know the right dosage and how it is to be taken. Once the pregnancy occurs, and you test positive, these pills cannot be taken as contraceptive pills.

Contraceptive pills

Contraceptive pills, in fact, offer many advantages to the overall growth and well being of the health of a woman reproductively. It offers some protection from being pregnant in unwanted situation and time, ovaries and cysts, bone thinning, acne and irregular periods.