Important Facts About Teen Pregnancy And Parenting

Teen pregnancy has been a serious concern in the industrially developed countries since past few decades. Pregnancy is the most undesirable event in a teenager’s life that brings in tons of miseries and social embarrassment without a tinge of joy.

The challenges and trauma experienced by a pregnant teen are beyond any description and are enough to ruin her life. Children born of teenage mothers are subjected to social abuse and their suffering seems to be never ending. It is high time that we eradicate this social evil and lead the Generation Y towards a healthy and normal life.

Stark Facts About Teen Pregnancy

The infamous distinction of touching the highest teen pregnancy rate in the world goes to US followed by United Kingdom and Australia.  Reports from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy reveal that about three million pregnancies in US are unplanned, and three out of ten American teens aged below 20 get pregnant once.

Rate of teenage pregnancy is the highest among blacks and Hispanics. About 57% pregnant teens give birth to their children and 14% end up in miscarriages. According to a report released by Washington Post, teenage pregnancy in US plunged to a record low in 2008-09, but still it is higher than other industrially developed countries.

Teenage mothers are likely to drop out from the school, and only one third of them can achieve high school certificates. Low birth weight, complications in pregnancy, miscarriage and undernourishment of the mother and child are other serious consequences of teen pregnancy. Death rate of teenage mothers arising from complications in pregnancy cannot be ignored.

Parenting And Teen Pregnancy

One cannot disregard the role of parents in leading their teens in the right path to prevent teen pregnancy. Overzealous teens with their half baked knowledge often try to experiment too much on sex and relationships and land in serious trouble. Teens undergo severe emotional changes in their adolescence, and parents should be responsible enough to guide their confused minds.

Transparency Between Parents And Teenagers Is Essential

Maintain a loving and congenial atmosphere at home that will provide emotional security to your teenager child. Clear and friendly communication between parents and children is very essential to grow an affectionate bonding. Every child should find their parents “always reachable” and feel free to open up in any matter.

Encourage your teenager kid to ask any questions related to sex, love and relationship and explain their significance in one’s life. Be candid in your discussion to remove doubts and confusion from their minds. Confused adolescent minds often drive the teens towards wrong direction.

Love And Care Provide Emotional Security To The Teens

A teenager should feel mentally secured at home. Spend quality time with your teenager child in spite of your busy schedule so that she can share her joys and worries freely with you. Keep a tab on her friends and acquaintances. Treat your teenager child more as a friend than being a strict guardian. Never brew a disturbing atmosphere at your home. Teens from troubled families suffer from mental insecurity and are vulnerable to such undesirable pregnancies.

Imparting Proper Sex Education Is An Important Step To Parenting

Enlighten your child about the male and female reproductive system on attaining puberty. This will help them to adopt right measures and avoid unprotected sex. Provide sufficient knowledge about various contraceptive methods and guide them to abstain from sex at a very early age.  Knowledge of sex education should extend beyond love making and unplanned pregnancies. Teenagers should be fully aware of the causes and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases that generally arise from unprotected sex.