Important Things That Can Harm A Fetus

Important Things That Can Harm A Fetus The health and safety of the fetus depend upon the external and internal factors and if any pregnant female gets exposed to any of those factors then there is a chance of harm to the fetus leading to birth defects or in extreme cases a miscarriage. So you should avoid those things that can harm the fetus so that pregnancy goes smoothly. Some of the things that can harm a fetus are discussed in later paragraphs.

Things That Can Harm A Fetus

Environmental Elements

Some of the environmental elements acts as a threat to the fetus. These are exposure to radiation and lead which can lead to birth defects in the child. So avoid lead based paint and any type of X-rays when you are pregnant. Household cleaners act as a risk to the fetus so check all these products before buying for any risks to pregnant women.


Cat feces and raw meat hold parasites that lead to the problem of toxoplasmosis which is a serious disease of brain or leads to blindness in the fetus. So avoid eating meat and cleaning feces of cats and keeping cats at home. Avoid gardening in case cat lives in your garden as you may come into contact with feces of cats unknowingly while gardening.

Intake of Alcohol or Tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco increases the chances of mental and physical problems in pregnant females as alcohol passes through the placenta and can possibly harm the fetus.

Important Things That Can Harm A Fetus

It also slows down the normal growth of the fetus and lead to facial deformities. Smoking increases the chances of low birth weight and premature birth of the baby and both these problems gives rise to other health related disorders.

Certain Diseases

The risk to the fetus increases if the mother suffers from any type of disease at the time of conceiving the baby. These harmful diseases are Hepatitis, AIDS and other STD’s that transmits further to the baby and need immediate treatment after birth. Some other diseases that can be harmful to the baby are diabetes, lupus, anemia, high blood pressure or rubella.

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Exposure to Heat

Exposure to heat in the initial months of pregnancy is very dangerous to the baby. So avoid taking hot tub bath, saunas etc. Internal heat problems like high fever should not be ignored as high fever is dangerous to the fetus and the temperature of the body should be brought down immediately with medicine as recommended by your gynecologist.

Effects of Drugs

Drugs that are prescribed by the doctor or available over the counter may have a negative effect on the growth of the baby. These drugs obstruct the blood clotting process and hormone levels in the body which may lead to birth defects or any other type of complication in pregnancy.

Important Things That Can Harm A Fetus

However, prescribed drugs can be taken in consultation with your doctor but illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin are not at all recommended as these drugs leads to problem of stillbirth or miscarriage and in case the baby is born then he/she may have the addiction to these drugs which will be hard to withdraw.

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